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  • Complete Monster: The Vampire, also known as The Collector (real name unknown), is a Serbian killer and Cibopath who harnesses the legends of vampires to become feared. In truth, The Vampire uses his Cibopath powers to absorb the powers of others, killing, butchering and eating them to gain their abilities; even relatively useless abilities; at least several dozen, and possibly more, are killed in this way. The Vampire kidnaps Tony Chu's twin sister, Toni, and attempts to gain her abilities through eating her limbs. When this fails, he furiously snaps Toni's neck. When Tony's friends attack his hideout, The Vampire attempts to slaughter them, taking great pleasure in trying himself to devour Tony's teenage daughter Olive. When he and Tony finally face off, The Vampire mocks him by saying how he will hunt down Olive and devour her. Egotistical, monstrous and cruel, the only thing driving The Vampire is his quest to become the perfect being in existence, no matter whom he has to devour.
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  • Creator's Pet: John Layman thinks Poyo is a lot more entertaining than he should, giving Poyo three issue long interludes dedicated to his unrelated adventures when that time could have been spent developing other characters. The worst of it is in the final arc, which needed way more pages explaining what is going on, instead gets a third Poyo interlude about how he saved Christmas.
  • Funny Moments:
    • The last page of issue #9.
    • Also, the incident in issue #4 with the Senator's ashes. "Good day to you, madam." Indeed.
    • All of Issue #40.
  • Ho Yay: Besides Colby sleeping with Applebee, Colby is, in spite of his own Jerkass behavior, fanatically loyal to Tony. The only thing that can make him think about someone besides himself is the fear that whatever is going on will upset Tony.
  • Memetic Badass: Poyo, in-universe.
  • Squick: Tony has to eat a lot of things, including an old severed finger and a dead freeze-dried dog.
    • Though the line gets drawn at feces.
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    • In a later issue, he gets force-fed many dead baseball players.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Even a series as funny as this manages this sometimes. Notably the death of Toni Chu. Her absolute fearlessness in the face of death and defiance towards her killer softens the blow, but her visions of the perfect wedding she could have had if not for the Collector, her final farewell to her sister Sage (with Sage not knowing of Toni's impending death) and that brief little break in her composure when she reflects that she won't be around to see her siblings live the happy lives they deserve is heartbreaking. Seeing the large, dysfunctional-as-hell Chu family utterly united by grief and backing Tony one hundred and ten percent against the Collector drives in just how much the lively, spirited Toni meant to them.
    • The third-and-second-to-last issues, showing the Heroic Sacrifice of Amelia Mintz and John Colby, and knowing how it's going to absolutely destroy Tony to lose the love of his life and his only friend.
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  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic/Unintentionally Sympathetic: in the "Blood Pudding" arc, Chu is angry at Colby for going on a suicide mission against the Collector with his daughter. Now we are suppose to feel sorry for Chu... and Colby. Despite the fact that Colby collaborated with a known murderer who bit ofd Chu's ear, and the moment he found out Chu's daughter was working with said murderer, Colby did not tell Chu. We are suppose to believe Chu went too far yet he really didn't.

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