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  • Accidental Innuendo: Look closely at Daichi and Teppei's Back-to-Back Badasses pose in Episode 11 and pause when they summon their Livlasters, and... You get the idea.
  • Awesome Music: "Mugen no Hana", the song Hana sings on various occasions. Especially the version accompanied by orchestral music that appears in one of the trailers and which she sings in-universe twice to fuel Teppei's Machine Goodfellow. Sadly, it hasn't been used since, but there is also an almost equally awesome instrumental version that plays in the scene where Hana gets her own Livlaster.
  • Ho Yay: As usual in this kind of series, Daichi and Teppei have quite a bit of this going on, what's with Teppei's comments about how he likes Daichi's attitude and all. It helps that Akari apparently ships it too and the boys never go into denial when she teases them about it.
    • After Teppei destroys his Egoblock and cuts ties with the Planetary Gears, Amara becomes extremely bitter about the whole event, to the point where his sulking makes him look like he's just been dumped by his boyfriend. He also quite antagonizes Daichi and accuses him of being the reason for this situation.
  • Les Yay: Episode 9 makes it clear that Moco has absolutely no problem with kissing girls.
  • Memetic Mutation: Jokes that compare this anime with Captain Planet and the Planeteers have circulated around the web since day one.
    • The eyecatch from the first episode is causing some buzz as well. "Soon everything will be obvious."
    • Akari's "Belly Button Forte"
  • No Yay: Mao kissing Setsuna in episode 11.
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  • Tear Jerker: The first few minutes of episode one can hit too close to home.
    Daichi: Sometimes... I think there's something wrong with me, with the way I am.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Eiji. Aside from his suspicious similarities to Head, him being Teppei's father should have made some sort of impact onto his son, who had never even known he exists. His status as a criminal charged for assault and attempted murder and his in contrast really nice behaviour towards his son Teppei and Akari hinted at him being somewhat morally ambiguous. At the end of his episode, he is taken off the plot in a way that would usually make you think he starts doing his own thing in the background for a while until becoming important again later, but the day never comes. In fact, when in a late episode Daichi, Hana and Teppei talk about their parents, Eiji is not brought up at all, as if everyone had completely forgotten he exists. Considering that Teppei was somewhat uncomfortable around him and not very keen on the whole "father" thing, one might have expected him to raise his voice. In short, he was there for one single episode, introduced and disposed of like an important character, but then never seen again, despite his potential.
    • Some of the Planetary Gears can qualify, as most of those who aren't Amara or Moco (or Teppei, for that matter) don't get much to do after being awakened. Lin kind of have the least focus of any of them during the course of the series.
  • What an Idiot!: The Ark Faction would rather keep humanity's brightest and best in cold sleep, so that the human race can rebuild if the Kiltgang make it to Earth. However, for their plan to succeed, they need the Blume, which only Hana can control. So what do they do? Antagonize her by trying to kidnap her and attempting to kill her friends and lover. Repeatedly.
    • Gets even worse when it's taken into account that they're actively sabotaging GLOBE and the Intercept Faction so that their "contingency" becomes necessary.

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