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The Ark faction...
Wants Earth to be destroyed so they can introduce Arks that will save people they want. This is contrast to the Intercept Faction who wants to save all of humanity.
  • Mostly right. They seem to think that there's no point in staying on earth—that it's somehow dooming mankind, and there are already select elites being placed on a space ark as a precautionary measure.
This series is set in the Star Driver universe
So far, we already have witnessed a lot of allusions towards the creators' former series for only three episodes, from magic songs to "Earth Drivers" to rainbows. Earth Engine looks suspiciously much like a buffed up Tauburn, so it might very well be a human-made attempt on recreating Tauburn to defend Earth in Takuto's spirit. Cybodies in general have been confirmed as alien made around the end of Star Driver and the Kill-T-Gang is very alien too and pilots mechas that don't only look like Cybodies but are controlled in a very similar fashion to what third phase Star Drivers do.
Captain Earth, Star Driver and Eureka Seven are in the same universe
we know that Star Driver and Captain Earth maybe in the same universe(see above Wmg), but there seems to be a link to Eureka Seven in both shows. As a result of the End of Star Driver, the invaders in Captain Earth may have been drawn to Earth by Samekh's defeat, as his defeat could have given off a pulse that the invaders detected since their mechs seemm to operate by libido much like the cybodies. it is possible that if the Kill-T-Gang are defeated at the end of Captain Earth, the Structure they had deployed on the back of the moon may be dsetroyed, trigger an explosion of whatever makes up the crystal structure that the Scub could have detected, leading them to Earth with attempts stop it using the rocket-like impactors to slow down the scub. One of those impactors would have been named Eureka, as it was shown in Eureka Seven that the scub collided with a Rocket that had the name Eureka to explain where Eureka got her name from. Also the technology Globe has seems similar is similar to what as the Earth engine calls to mine some of the vehicles in Eureka Seven, like the Gekko and some of the United Federation Forces as well. Also the LF Os in Eureka Seven can be seen as a merger of the designs of the sleek, cybodies and the vehilcular and bulky-looking Earth Engine to create the shell of the LFO.
Eiji Arashi is Tokio Tsunashi.
Expanding even more on the two theories above, Eiji does suspiciously look and sound alot like Tokio. Eiji mentions he is a criminal, and trying to kill all life on Earth by sucking out everyone's Libido to time travel is definitely a very criminal act. It would also explain why criminals are being put into crygonial sleep anyway: somebody who has the potential to pilot a cybody is a useful last resort should the Killtgangs succeed.
The Ark Faction's plan is doomed to failure, win or lose.
The Ark Faction don't realize that if a Kiltgang makes it to Earth, the resultant planetwide Libido absorption field will extend well beyond Earth's atmosphere, far enough that the Ark in orbit will be caught in the field and all the crew and sleepers aboard will die along with the rest of the human race.
Akari will get her own Livlaster and Hana will become able to fire her own.
They will then get their own mecha like Daichi's Earth Engine and Teppei's Nebula Engine
  • At least partially confirmed. Hana's fired her Livlaster, and a new engine seems to be Akari's.
    • The Flare Engine as shown in the EP 16 Preview seems to be piloted by Hana while Akari still serves as Mission Control. While it is still possible Akari will get a Livlaster/Engine of her own the new one appears to be Hana's
      • of course, with Earth, Nebula, and Flare (sun/stars), the only celestial body-themed name left for our magical girl is the Lunar Engine.
      • With Hana taking over the Blume, Akari might be getting the Flare Engine after all.
The Ark faction is doomed no matter what.
The Kiltgangs will kill all of humanity on Earth, then leave. Then the people on the Ark will return to start again. The Uranians, who know this thanks to Puck, will simply come back to finish them off (or maybe wait for a higher population, thus reducing Earth to their feeder farm.)

Samekh is a Cybody-Kiltgang hybrid.

Sucking out the libido of an entire planet? Seen Samekh do that before. His cybody part means he can be piloted by another consciousness and doesn't need to convert the libido into orgone energy, like the Kiltgangs - however, just like them he'd need a LOT of it (unlike other cybodies who apparently only take some libido from their pilots.)


Only Amarok and Malkin want to Destroy Humanity

When they "Awaken" their fellow Planetary Gears' memories....they actually implanting fake memories or at least memories from THEIR perspective to they'd fall in line with their plans.

Puck is playing Macbeth Industries and the Kiltgang off each other for the greater good.
Like his original, Puck's enigmatic and mischievous actions are to manipulate both the heroes and villains to the best ending.

Baku will be the first Planetary Gear killed
The Arc Faction wants Hana to move the Kivotos.

Professor Canis in episode 18 mentions that the Kivotos, she spaceship that would be humanity's last hope, can only move if it docks with another ship. They're out for Hana for a while now and she is the one who can command the Blume. Counting two and two together, they want thr Kivotos to dock with the Blume to get it going.

Most (if not all) of the Planetary Gears will defect.

Among the Gears seem to be different views about Earth and what they are planning to do with its inhabitants. Moco has some moments where she shows admiration towards such trivial things like the wind and seems to enjoy her avatar body. Baku has already been a brooding character to begin with and Setsuna has realized that they're going to use humans in a similar way as humans had planned to use them (or rather, their Designer's Children bodies). Some others like Jin or Ai seem to be apathetic about the whole discussion and the only one who appears to be actively wanting to push their plan through no matter what is Amara. All of them are definitely moved in one way or another by Albion's sacrifice. With Puck currently holding one of the places for the most likely Big Bad candidate, there might be the point where they realize that Earth is a place worth keeping and team up with the Midsummer's Knights to defeat the big threat. Since Egoblocks can apparantly only be destroyed when its owner actively wants it (like in Albion's case), it might also happen that one or the other (or all) of them sacrifice their Kiltgang forms for the sake of the greater good.

  • As of the penultimate episode this guess looks to have some merit. Puck has betrayed the Kiltgangs and the episode ends with them and the Midsummer's Knights watching in horror as Puck's egoblock rises out of the cocoon.

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