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YMMV / Body Double

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  • Awesome Music: "Telescope" has become a staple Stock Trailer Music for erotic thrillers.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Jake's scene in the porn movie he's infiltrating consists of him entering a club where Frankie Goes to Hollywood leads him around the club singing "Relax" and poses on a bar before getting carried away by club goers. It's certainly...elaborate for a porn scene.
    • It was basically a music video for the song which had been banned in the UK and MTV, providing a Just Here for Godzilla reason to see the film. A second "Body Double" official music video was made, though rarely seen.
  • Just Here for Godzilla:
    • Critical (and viewer) opinion of this movie at the time was varied, ranging from fantastic to abominable. The only thing just about every critic has agreed upon is that Melanie Griffith's performance is excellent.
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    • As mentioned earlier, a chance to see a "Relax" music video.
  • Special Effects Failure: it might be because of the re-mastered film for the dvd / blu-ray release, but if you look carefully in the few close-ups of Gloria's stalker, his skin doesn't look quite real. Making it easy to figure out that said stalker is wearing movie makeup, and therefore must be someone Gloria would recognize without it. Quite possibly why there's so few shots of the Stalker.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • A very early role for Dennis Franz, but he's instantly recognizable as Scully's frustrated director.
    • Rob Paulsen, in a rare live-action role, shows up at the end of the porn movie scene as a crew member.
    • Scream queen Barbara Crampton makes her acting debut as Scully's cuckolding girlfriend Carol.


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