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  • "Be careful, my breasts are very sensitive, and I'm having my period." What really sells the line is the absolute seriousness and businesslike tone - while chewing bubblegum.
  • Holly: (to actress who's being body doubled) You're going to get a lot of dates when this picture comes out.
  • Some of the reviews of Holly Does Hollywood.
    "Holly keeps this business where it belongs — in the gutter. - Screw Magazine"note 
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  • meta-wise, combined with Society Marches On: people watching this in The New '10s tend to react to Sully calling Gloria's stalker 'the Indian' with variants on 'Dude, he's Native American, not Indian!note ' only to realise - or have it pointed out to them - that Native Americans were actually referred to as Indians back in The '80s.

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