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  • Accidental Innuendo: The game's title, "Beat Saber".
  • Awesome Music: Honestly, all of the songs are pretty great.note 
    • "Beat Saber" sets the mood for the entire game, and boy does it deliver.
    • "Escape- ft. Summer Haze" gives off a wicked drum n' bass instrumentals and an ethereal female vocals which gives you a strong sense of motivation to slice.
    • From the OST Vol. 2, "Unlimited Power" is an epic rap about Beat Saber itself. Emperor Palpatine joke included free of charge.
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    • K/DA's "POP/STARS" combines a solid beat with the actual dance steps, as demonstrated here.
  • Hype Backlash: Beat Games hyped the addition of the Panic! at the Disco music pack for about a week, but many fans were disappointed that it only included four songs, especially since, by comparison, the Imagine Dragons pack has ten songs. Panic! fans were also disappointed that some of the band's earlier songs like "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" weren't included.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: "Fitbeat" was marketed as a song meant to help those quarantined during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic get some exercise. However, the song is barely under two minutes long, so those looking to use it for a good workout would have to play it multiple times at a higher difficulty.
  • Memetic Mutation: "That's a lot of low notes." Explanation 
  • That One Level:
    • "Balearic Pumping" on Expert is notoriously difficult on the PC version.
    • As of the Monstercat update, "Overkill - RIOT" on Expert+ is far and away the most difficult song in the pack.
    • From the campaign mode, mission 17b is a rather difficult one. The mission is to play "$100 Bills" on Expert and One Saber mode. The complex note clusters needing to be done with one hand is hard enough, but you only get four misses, any more and you lose the level. Without proper practice, it's very easy to fail the mission before the beat drops.
    • Mission 29 is also a pretty insidious showstopper for most players. It requires getting a score of at least 400,000 on Rum 'n' Bass Expert while getting no more than five bad cuts. The margin of error for getting said score is ridiculously tight as it is, but the last part of the song throws in a ton of tightly grouped notes that, unless you've mastered rapid-fire cutting with one hand, will almost certainly fail you out on the bad cuts criteria. The "No Fail" mode being active during this mission is practically a slap in the face, because unless you get a Full Combo or damn close to it, you're not passing this mission, period.
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    • The Camellia songs. All high-speed songs, and all with no fewer than five notes per second on the hardest difficulties. The general rule of thumb with these songs is that each chart should be treated as a level of difficulty higher than usual, which means mastering Expert+ is going to prove quite the ordeal for even the most seasoned players. By far the worst offender is GHOST, which is, by a very wide margin, the toughest official track in the entire game; this nearly six-minute monstrosity clocks in at well over 200 beats per minute and, as such, requires near superhuman arm speed to come even close to surviving at any difficulty above Hard. Those who can best it on Expert+ without any difficulty-reducing modifiers are few and far between, and taking it on with difficulty-increasing modifiers is an exercise in utter insanity.
    • "FitBeat" certainly qualifies. To clarify, the chart itself isn't terribly complex. What makes this song so brutal is the fact that it's specifically designed to tire you out quickly, making your biggest obstacle on this track your own physical limits. On higher difficulties, you'll simply find yourself dropping from exhaustion long before you reach the end of the song unless you have a decent level of physical endurance.
    • Oh no! Oh no! Oh no no no no no!

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