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Camellia (Japanese: かめりあ), real name Masaya Ōya (Japanese: 大箭将也), also known as Cametek, is a Japanese electronic music producer famous for his fast songs, diverse range of genres and his prolific history of contributing to rhythm games, most notably SOUND VOLTEX.

Born in 1992, Camellia first began making music when he was 10. In the early to mid 2010s, Camellia made several Vocaloid works and some Touhou dojin music. He first began to contribute to rhythm games in around 2012, and participated in several BEMANI music contests. Camellia managed to became a major name in the Sound Voltex series by frequently having his (often insanely fast and difficult) songs included in the game. He has contributed to many, many other rhythm games since then, including Arcaea, Cytus II, WACCA, and was also featured on osu! and Beat Saber.

Camellia is proficient with piano, bass, and guitar. He has a diverse range of genres, ranging from EDM, dubstep/drumstep, electro, glitch hop, psytrance, to trap, hardcore, hardstyle, and speedcore, and even denpa. He regularly collaborates with vocalist nanahira.

Camellia is a member of Alstroemeria Records, EXIT TUNES, DOWNFORCE, beatnation RHYZE, and he also has his own doujin circle label, KamelCamellia. Camellia has made guest appearances in other doujin circles such as HARDCORE TANO*C and Diverse System.

Camellia has also contributed to the OST of the game Dweller's Empty Path by Temmie Chang, the artist and illustrator of Undertale and Deltarune. In addition, he has also contributed his music to the games Mad Rat Dead a,d NOISZ.

His official website can be found here. His YouTube channel can be found here.

Tropes related to Camellia and his songs:

  • Concept Album: U.U.F.O. is a double album themed around Urban Legends, conspiracy theories, and the paranormal in general. The track titles are filled with references to the likes of Numbers Stations, Polybius, Area 51, and The Bermuda Triangle.
  • Cultural Translation: The title of "Bassline Yatteru? Lol" is a pun on "bassline" and the Japanese social-media/instant-messaging service LINE. While LINE is very popular in its native Japan, it doesn't have the same pop culture permeance in the rest of the worldnote , so the title is officially translated into English as "Can I friend you on Bassbook? Lol".
  • Final Boss: His song "Bangin' Burst" was first unveiled at the final round of the Sound Voltex championships at KAC 2013. At the time, it was considered one of the two hardest songs in the game, alongside For UltraPlayers which also debuted at that event.
    • "Ghost" is widely considered to be the hardest song in Beat Saber.
    • “MAD RAT DIE” in ‘’Mad Rat Dead’’ is the track used for the final boss stage and steps up in its charting variety.
  • Gender-Blender Name: In spite of the name, Camellia is actually a man.
  • Genre Roulette: Camellia doesn't like being restricted by genres, so he often mixes genres within a single song, if he doesn't make up new ones.
  • Memetic Mutation: invoked For whatever reason, Camellia since 2019 has had a fascination with Western internet memes, and made several remixes of meme songs like Crab Rave or Astronomia (the coffin dance song), in addition to throwing in sampled beats or hooks from other meme songs in his live sets.
  • Uncommon Time: The song "Konran Shoujo Soflan-chan!!" (混乱少女♥そふらんちゃん!!), as well as its title referring to sudden big BPM changes, skips between every uncommon time signature you can think of.