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  • Complete Monster: Col. Scott Mulgrew, from The Annihilation, is a corrupt former soldier fired from his position for murdering prisoners during interrogation. Mulgrew turns into a terrorist who starts a plot alongside co-conspirator Maksood to extort 50 million dollars out of America under the threat of nuking New York, overseeing the slaughter of an American squad and capturing the survivors with intent to burn them all alive. A master of torture and interrogation with his own personal torture dungeon, Mulgrew murders a contact of the film's heroes, Sean Davidson and Carl, tortures and executes three patrons of a bar they passed through, and later visits torture on Sean and Carl themselves after demonstrating it on the soldiers he's holding captives. Displaying clear intentions to rape their compatriot Sarah—whose father he killed—to further satisfy himself and molesting her in front of Carl and Davidson to hurt them further, Mulgrew ultimately responds to complications by trying to burn his prisoners alive ahead of time and furiously trying to cut down Davidson with an axe once he breaks out. Possessed of a vast streak of atrocities and proud of every body on his hands, Mulgrew lacks the religious delusions of his compatriots and commits every atrocity he does purely out of sadistic gratification.

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