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  • Badass Decay: The show's King Sombra is a One-Man Army; this Sombra is a downright-sad Zero-Effort Boss.
  • Breather Boss: The Diamond Dogs are noticeably easier than most of the previous bosses, despite being the penultimate bosses.
    • They're much harder with a close ranged character like Applejack though.
    • With the right strategy, Rainbow Dash and the three shooting characters reduce the Hydra to a Zero-Effort Boss.
    • The battle against the Ursa Minor and Ursa Major in the sequel, since all you have to do is collect all of the musical notes to get them to sleep. This battle is more annoying with a pegasus, though. While the walking characters need to collect only 4 notes, pegasi need to get a LOT more to compensate for their flight, which is actually not that much of an advantage since the main problem here is the Ursas just standing over the notes. Not a hard fight by any means, but it drags on for a bit.
  • Game-Breaker: Fluttershy. Like Rainbow Dash, she can fly, and the only attack in the game that does more damage is Applejack's bucking, which is much harder to control.
    • Makes sense, she's the last pony you unlock.
    • Note that the level design does often keep flying from being too much of an advantage, while the stare has to be used at close range.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Hydra's entrance — waiting until you're right on top of its lake, before slowly emerging like an 8-bit Godzilla — is Surprise Creepy for such a simplistic game.
  • That One Boss: Discord is much, much harder than anything else in the entire game. He can only be damaged while he's attacking or jumping, the former situation being much more common. Said attack just so happens to be a wave of three fireballs that are very fast and hard to avoid. And unless you use The Stare, he takes a lot of hits to go down. Did I mention he can corner you pretty easily too?
    • Thankfully the Death Is a Slap on the Wrist mechanics of the game prevent even him from being a great threat, since once you get the hang of damaging him you can down him without even dodging losing only one life or two. He doesn't hit that hard, albeit hard to dodge.
    • And with a flying character, one can simply abuse the fact that he can't shoot directly above himself and automatically jumps if you're higher up than him. Cue Zero-Effort Boss.
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  • That One Level: Level 6 as Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy, since their path includes a long corridor with Spikes of Doom above and a Bottomless Pit below.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • King Sombra as a Warm-Up Boss, despite being a close second (limited screentime or not) to Discord on the show. Extra glaringly — Trixie's Advancing Boss of Doom fight plays much more like his on-show threat, only with the Alicorn Amulet instead of the Crystal Heart.
    • Queen Chrysalis would have made for an interesting and cool final boss in the sequel, but she's nowhere to be seen and instead your final opponent is a trio of generic changelings

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