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  • The basis of The Phil Hendrie Show, which appears on the surface to be a rather standard AM radio call-in talk show, albeit with some notably off-the-wall guests. It's customary for such shows to allow listeners to call in to give the host and guest a piece of their mind; and given the extreme craziness of the guests, the callers get pretty vociferous. However, despite the hourly disclaimers that the whole thing is a put-on, the callers fail to realize that the "guests" are actually fictional creations of voice actor Hendrie, and that they are the butts of what is essentially a prank phone call in reverse. If they even manage to notice that the host and guest sound rather alike, they are too deep in their Debate and Switch, Insane Troll Logic argument to get out.
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  • An episode of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme has a man interviewing the Three Little Pigs about why they've chosen their respective building materials. The first pig thinks he's in a story where the Youngest Child Wins through honest poverty while the other brothers will be undone by their hubris, so he builds a straw house. The second pig thinks they're in a Goldilocks-style story where one house will be too weak, one too strong ("How can a house be too strong?" "Umm... subsidence?") and his house of sticks will be the middle way which works the best. The third brother doesn't read many Fairy Tales, and built his house out of bricks because it's a house, and that's what you build houses out of.
  • On NPR's weekend news quiz show Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, if host Peter Sagal suggests that you change your answer, your answer is wrong. Oftentimes the celebrity guests for the "Not My Job" segment don't listen to the show regularly and assume he's trying to trip them up.