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Word Of God / Sofia the First

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The creator of Sofia the First often answers questions of the fans on his Twitter.

  • Miranda's maiden name is Cordova.
  • Sofia's biological father is a sailor named Birk Balthazar, and he will never be on the show. It was later stated in-show that he was lost at sea. Gerber would also confirm in an interview with the show's Wikia that yes, this does mean that Birk is dead.
  • Sofia resembles her father, Birk, but their personalities, not so much.
  • King Roland's first wife was named Lorelei.
  • The Ever Realm, being a separate dimension in its own timeline, is not tied to the real world's time-frame. It takes place much later than we think (just as the events of Peter Pan takes place in the 1900s, with Return To Neverland taking place during World War II, for comparison), and Tiana did not necessarily come from the future. So it could mean that the Ever Realm takes place at the same time as our present day.
  • As to whether or not Prisma could be redeemed after the Series Finale, Word of God thinks she has a chance, although isn't sure how it would be done.
  • Miranda's brother is named Rodrigo.
  • It's possible that some of the Royal Prep students we've never met are descended from the original Disney Princesses.
  • Craig Gerber is of the opinion that any fictional Disney kingdoms take place in the Ever Realm. He also suggests that stories that don't explicitly state they take place in a real-life location (such as Beauty and the Beastnote , also citing the Fridge Logic of why no one has made a big deal of the Prince turning into a beast if he's supposed to be the Prince of France) may be among these kingdoms. Craig Gerber has also later stated that the map of the Ever Realm contains locations of the kingdoms of Disney Princesses (though admittedly, the map has not been cleared by Disney itself, mostly for continuity reasons).
  • As shown in the case of Mulan, the Amulet doesn't just summon people of royal heritage or who are royal by marriage. Gerber states that they just have to be royal in spirit.
  • When Sofia and Vor were inside the amulet in the Grand Finale, despite walking around, Craig Gerber confirmed they weren't technically walking because they were magical spirits. This explains why Elena had trouble walking after being freed from the amulet.