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Western Animation / Building a Building

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Building a Building is a 1933 Disney animated short film (7 minutes) directed by David Hand.

Mickey Mouse is working as a steam-shovel operator at a construction site. Minnie Mouse shows up pushing a food cart selling sandwiches for 15 cents. Mickey and Minnie flirt but they are interrupted by the attentions of Mickey's boss, Pegleg Pete, construction site foreman. Pete eventually forces his intentions on Minnie, forcing Mickey to come to the rescue.

Pluto the Pup also appears in this short but only sits around the construction site.


  • Abhorrent Admirer: Minnie is clearly repulsed by Pete, which does not stop him from forcing himself on her.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: The steam shovel has eyes and is drawn to look like a great big chomping monster. The steam whistle has eyes and a mouth and takes a deep breath before whistling.
  • Anvil on Head: Mickey accidentally pulls on a rope which brings an anvil down on Pete's head.
  • Big Eater: After eating his own lunch, Pete steals Mickey’s lunch and eats it.
  • Construction Zone Calamity: Mickey has the variation where a girder always swings into place just in time to catch him as he's walking distractedly along while staring at Minnie.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Mickey can't take his eyes off of Minnie when she shows up, which is why he keeps almost stepping off girders to his death, only for a new girder to be lowered/swung into place just in time to save him.
  • Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress: Mickey is shimmying up a rope when the rope is cut. Mickey then shimmies up empty air until he gets to his destination.
  • Impact Silhouette: Mickey falls through Pete's blueprints and leaves a Mickey-shaped hole.
  • Kick the Dog: Pete stealing Mickey’s lunch. No wonder Minnie feels sorry for Mickey and offers him a free lunch.
  • Mean Boss: Pete chastises Mickey, strangles him and steals his lunch.
  • Off-into-the-Distance Ending: Mickey and Minnie drive away in her food cart, after Pete fires Mickey and he joins Minnie's sandwich business.
  • Rump Roast: Mickey and Minnie finally escape after Minnie dumps a load of hot rivets down Pete's pants.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: Minnie as always, with her floral skirt and eyelashes and hat with a flower in it.