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The current SERGOM logo with the main character, Vittoria.

''SERGOM'' is a Furry Comic created by Tom Derezinski. The comic began late 2007 and updated twice a week on Mondays and Fridays.

The comic's story line takes place in present time and is focused around eight employees of SERGOM, a company that produces flying vehicles. Among many others, the cast includes Bernard, a bear who's job is to captain the ship; Vittoria, a wolf who has the ability to control her size and makes frequent use of it; Todd, a fox who qualifies as the youngest and possibly most idiotic employee of SERGOM. The company they work for is suffering financially and depends on its employees to gain the interest of large corporations and make a sale.


SERGOM provides examples of:

  • Like Reality, Unless Noted - The crew move around to places implied to be equivalent to the real world; Alaska, Atlanta, Chicago, etc. Furthermore, the company for which the crew works is implied to work the same as any other business, with the exception of development, production, and sale of flying cars.
  • Shout-Out - To the "Need a Moment?" Twix commercials. Strip #115 when Bernard is holding a Twix and gathering his thoughts.