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Planes of Eldlor is a High Fantasy webcomic, wherein a group of dragons discovers an anomaly they believe to be a dormant portal between the world of Eldlor and the demonic realm. Attempting to destroy or contain the rift turns out to be disastrous. Armed with very little knowledge of the demons and their magic, the dragons set about enlisting a group of adventurers to retrieve the journal of the last person to make contact with the demonic realm, hoping it may provide the answers they desperately need.

Unfortunately, the comic has been cancelled. The story was left incomplete.


  • Another Dimension: Demons on the other side of the rift are apparently trying to break through to Eldlor.
  • Art Evolution: The artist has stated that she is intentionally using this comic to evolve her skill and style, which is already somewhat evident in the comic archive.
  • Barefoot Cartoon Animal: The Eldlorian goblins and the Orcs. The Orcs more than slightly resemble dogs, and the Eldlorian goblins look like rat/wallaby creatures. They are better drawn than the description suggests.
  • Cool Horse: Arid’s horse, Takan’dor, is a huge animal resembling a shire horse, and is completely black.
  • Dark Is Not Evil:
    • Arid, a dark elf, appears to be far more apathetic than anything else.
    • The sinister-looking riftwalker dragons, which are all black with glowing violet eyes and blood, but do not appear to be evil.
  • Fantastic Racism: Dark elves are generally reviled by other races, though due to their relationship with demons and habit of engaging in slavery, many would consider this justified. Orcs are not allowed into most cities.
  • Fantastic Slurs: “Fallen” is one of the more polite ways to refer to dark elves.
  • High Fantasy: The heroes embark on a quest to prevent the demon armies from entering Eldlor, possibly averting The End of the World as We Know It.
  • I See Dead People: Riftwalker dragons can see the spirits of the dead as they depart.
  • Inn Security: Arid's first night in town is interrupted by burglars downstairs.
  • Mythopoeia: Many ‘real world’ myths appear, such as dragons, and many varieties of demons, among others.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Dragons come in five varieties. All share the usual “Western Dragon” body structure (four legs and batlike wings), but each subspecies is adapted for a particular environment, and has different abilities. Only the appropriately named fire dragons are able to breathe flame.
  • Strip Buffer: The authors have stated that there is a major buffer of future comic pages, in case of emergency.