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Kowai Beach City: A Steven Universe fancomic is a Steven Universe Fan Webcomic made by Missgreeney.

After her girlfriend dies under mysterious circumstances, Peridot seeks out the help of famous exorcist Rose Quartz, believing the cause to be supernatural, only to find that Rose herself has died - though that doesn't mean she isn't any less willing to help.

Can be read on Tapas Media here.

Kowai Beach City provides examples of:

  • Adaptation Species Change: The Gems are aliens in canon. Here, depending on the character, they are either humans or Yōkai:
    • Peridot and Lapis are human, and Steven is fully human instead of a hybrid. After dying, Lapis comes back as an onryo.
    • Pearl is a kuchisake-onna (a woman with a slit mouth who will either maim or murder you depending on how you react), Amethyst is a futakuchi-onna (a woman with a mouth in the back of her head), and Garnet is a Tenome (her eyes are in her hands instead of on her face).
    • Rose was a human, then she died and came back as a spirit after giving birth to Steven.
  • Covers Always Lie: The icon for the comic features a human Amethyst staring in shock as Pearl takes off her facemask, scissors hidden behind her back, heavily implying that this is both how they met and how Amethyst died. "Pearl's Hunt" blatantly shows this not to be the case, as Amethyst was a yokai long before she met Pearl, and Pearl joined Rose and turned over a new leaf before she even saw Amethyst.
  • Death by Childbirth: Rose Quartz was an exorcist before she died giving birth to Steven. Unlike in canon, she still exists, just as a disembodied spirit that only Greg, Steven, and other yokai can see without the assistance of spirit markers.
  • Expecting Someone Taller: Peridot manages to get a hold of Steven while looking for Rose Quartz, and gets caught off guard when she finds out that he's just a 13-year-old boy.
  • Infodump: A comic released in the middle of the first chapter details a TubeTube video of Ronaldo talking about the myths and legends behind Rose Quartz, detailing her once being a shrine maiden gifted with the ability to see yokai, rumored to have been tasked by the gods themselves to protect humanity in exchange for an unnaturally long life.
  • Tempting Fate: Pearl, Rose, and Amethyst talk about the possible danger of Steven going to meet some stranger from the internet, to which Rose declares that her sixth sense allows her to tell when Steven is hurt or in danger. Cue Garnet walking in and flatly stating that Steven got hurt.
    Rose: I have a sixth sense about Steven. As his mother, I can always sense when he's in danger or hurt!
    Garnet: We're back. Steven got hurt.
    Steven: I just slipped on ice!
  • Skewed Priorities: After Garnet states that an onryo (an incredibly vengeful spirit that brings death and destruction on anyone in its path) has gotten into the house, Amethyst whines that they won't have enough time to eat dinner after fighting the thing.
  • Wham Line: After the onryo separates Amethyst and Steven from the group, Peridot tells Garnet, Pearl, and Rose about Lapis' death and how students at their campus started dropping like flies afterward. Garnet asks Peridot if she thinks Lapis was killed by the onryo. Peridot responds that Lapis was not killed by the onryo, she is the onryo.
  • Wham Shot: When Garnet asks if Lapis was killed by the onryo, Peridot takes off her jacket, revealing dozens of black veins on her arms from Lapis' attachment to her.