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Gem Kids AU is a Steven Universe fan webcomic in which, as the title suggests, most of the show's main Gems are kids. More specifically, it takes place in a world where Gems can age, as opposed to emerging from the ground fully formed.

The story of the comic starts when young versions of Pink Diamond, Pearl, and Garnet, tired of the adult Gems always telling them what to do, decide to run away to the abandoned colony Earth to create their own society. Soon after, though, Yellow Diamond arrives and takes Pink back, leaving Pearl and Garnet stranded. They find another child Gem, an Amethyst that emerged after the other Gems left, and start searching for a way to exist on Earth...



  • Adaptation Species Change: Steven is fully human rather than a human/Gem hybrid, as his mother was human in this AU.
  • Age Lift: In addition to the various Gems, Steven and Connie are now adults, with their parents being correspondingly aged up. Other human characters, including Lars, Sadie, and Ronaldo, have had their ages altered as well.
  • Artifact Title: Starting with number 20, each comic shares a title with one of the show's episodes that informs its subject and theme. Often, the original title doesn't make sense in he new context; for example, the "Cheeseburger Backpack" arc doesn't have the titular item, while many of the titles that have "Steven" in them don't actually feature him anymore.
  • Decomposite Character:
    • The Rose Quartz of canon is split into three separate characters: Rose Universe, Greg's wife and Steven's mother who's dead before the series begins, Rose Quartz the courageous rebel leader, and Pink Diamond, who disguises herself as a Rose Quartz to flee from her Diamond duties and joins Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl in a new set of Crystal Gems.
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    • Pearl and Garnet are split into the kid characters the comic follows and a Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire that were part of the rebellion with the rebel leader Rose Quartz.

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