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He's some sort of ninja. A well-dressed ninja.

"You're not gonna help us?"
"Nah... warehouse doesn't have an access ramp."
"Wow, that... is a huge oversight."
The Armeniman and El Chupacabre

Goodwill Heroes is a webcomic that details the adventures and exploits of the Goodwill Heroes as they attempt to fight crime using a variety of non-standard methods. It updates every Monday and officially began in April '11. They are currently on the second chapter of the first book, Second-String Superheroes.

The always-increasing cast of characters includes, so far:

  • Jazz Man: a suspender-wearing, chops-sporting jazz musician who speaks entirely in scat.
  • El Chupacabre: a 70s porn magician.
  • Well-Dressed Ninja: a mute ninja with an eye for fashion.
  • The Armeniman: a wheelchair-bound Armenian with a cock shotgun.


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