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"I'm such a bloody failure..."
Snipe, Freak On

Freak On is a Web Story by Moonrat set in the YouTube made Team Fortress 2 Freak Verse.

It follows 2 workers in a Company trying to make a living after losing their Mercenary jobs. They live in Big City, which is on I 25 in New Mexico, and is part of the Greater Badlands.

The Wiki has quite a lot of info on the series, it can be found here:


Can be found here:

Freak On has examples of

  • Arch-Enemy: Snipe's is Nuclear Scout. Cheese Scout is Captain Demoman's
  • Chaotic Evil: Nuclear Scout usually kills everyone he sees.
  • Company Town: Big City may be Controlled by The Company.
  • Cyborg: Robot Engie is one due to his run in with Christian Brutal Sniper
  • Foreshadowing: Just what is The Queue, and why is Norman so afraid of it?
  • Hired Guns: Company Scout and Soldier are these but lose their jobs from TF Industries. Norman and his team are as well.
  • Never Live It Down: Snipe and his previous failures, which causes him to quit freak hunting.
  • Pride: Captain Demoman is extremely prideful of his "sword fighting abilities", despite being a constant failure and the Butt-Monkey of all the freaks with any fighting ability, including Snipe.
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  • Resurrective Immortality: Captain Demoman and Snipe, the latter suffering mental abuse due to his painful and plentiful deaths of burning alive due to N Uclear Scout's heat beam.
  • Setting: Big City is the setting for the story, which is located in the Greater Badlands.
  • Skyscraper City: Big City is filled with tall buildings.


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