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GM: "To business! Jeremie needs some spare parts for building robots and decides to search for some in the abandoned factory near the school."
Stein: "Why would I go looking for junk in a rundown, death trap of a factory?"
GM: "Would you rather spend your money or get free stuff?"
Stein: "So what kind of junk do I find?"
A conversation between the GM and one of the players near the beginning of the campaign.

Code Game Night is a webcomic in the vein of DM of the Rings (found here) and Darths & Droids (found here), but instead retells the story of Code Lyoko.

The comic follows a group of college students playing a homebrew campaign based on Code Lyoko in a world where the show never existed. The creator MagicMixture is also making a separate webcomic based on the adventures of three idiots who band together to beat an MMO before time runs out. Here


Code Game Night provides examples of the following tropes: