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In October 2020, Derrick Bitner of GameXplain left the channel to pursue a new venture. Ash Paulsen and Steve Bowling would leave that November for the same reason. A short time later, Jon Cartwright (who had left GameXplain earlier that year to join Nintendo Life) announced that he would be handing over his personal YouTube channel over to "some amazing people putting something really special together".


That special thing would be revealed and launched, on November 9, 2020 in the form of Good Vibes Gaming, a channel dedicated to spreading positivity and good vibes to the gaming community. Because, let’s be honest — “there’s too much negativity in gaming discourse these days”. The cornerstone program of the channel is Today’s News Tonight, a week-nightly show where Bitner, Paulsen, Bowling, and a Special Guest discuss the day's gaming news. They also produce reviews, analysis videos, and video essays on various gaming topics.

The channel can be found here, while their Patreon can be found here.


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