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Custom Idiots is a series produced by a group of New Jersey high school students for their in-school TV network and also uploaded onto YouTube. The episodes can be found here.

The series depicts the story of high school student Tony Shapiro, who's normally hopeless with girls but on his first day of senior year learns that he may have a few admirers. Learning this prompts him and his friends Hank Winslowe and Jeff J. Jeffries to remember how during their freshmen year they discovered the "Key to His (Tony's) Heart", and it is decided that Tony must find out which of the girls is the one. As the series progresses, things get a little more complicated, for both Tony and his friends, with situations involving crazy teachers, creepy waiters, zombies...


Tropes in Custom Idiots:

  • Whole Episode Flashback: The second episode flashes back to the characters' freshmen year to establish how they found the key.