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A new QUILTBAG collab in partnership with Freedom Requires Wings.

This YouTube collab channel held auditions during the summer of 2012 for people of any LGBTQQIAAPPK&GQ identity who wanted to produce a short video every week for the collab. Initially, three people auditioned, and they were each assigned a day; Liam (homosexual boy) took Thursdays, Fran (homosexual girl) took Fridays, Lisse (homoromantic asexual girl) took Tuesdays, and Patrick (homosexual boy), who held the auditions, took Wednesdays. Recently, auditions for the Monday slot were held, and the spot went to Francis (homosexual boy). Weekly topics have ranged from slices of the vloggers' lives, such as "cooking week", to more queer-oriented ones such as each vlogger telling their Coming-Out Story.


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