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The Birthday Girl is the daughter of The Incredible Hulk.
And her mother is Betty Ross.

Miss Power destroyed Planet Lexicon.

  • I have my doubts about this one. At the beginning of the movie she appeared in while browsing through different planets, she said that the planet which resembles the planet Lexicon has too many rings so I don't think so.
    • And that also rules out her being born there.
    • Her people might be descendants of offworld Lexicons who colonized another planet. Explaining their similar abilities. Her homeplanet could be the Daxam to Lexicon's Krypton.

Chuck's Mother's head is normal.
She has ears (with earrings), while Chuck and Brent do not, leading this troper to believe she is a human. Word of God has said that Chuck and Brent have different fathers (leading to their very different appearances), so she must have slept with two different flavors of sandwich man, perhaps honey oat with Brent and white bread with Chuck. This combined with all the sandwich decor around the house, (the sandwich doorbell, framed pictures of sandwiches, sandwich mailbox, sandwich blankets) may point to Chuck's mom having a very specific fetish.

Eileen's parents are Sam and Dakota Milton.
Think about it, Eileen can mutate easily and has red hair, plus we never see her family. She also must be greedy as a callback to Dakota's fame monger attitude on her time during Revenge of the Island. Sometime after the series, Sam and Dakota found each other and they get married and have Eileen. They decide to move to Fair City and then Eileen goes around town due to Dakota becoming a model and has a lot of her time away from her family and Sam spends too much time with video games again.

Eileen's Mother
Eileen's mother is probably just like everybody from that episode of the Twilight Zone with the kid and the corn field. "Yes, dear, today's your birthday. And so's tomorrow! Eileen, please, no! I love you, happy birthday!" [Sobs.]

Some part of Dr. Boxleitner (conscious or subconscious) always wanted to be an evil Mad Scientist.
His backstory is basically that a Freak Lab Accident caused him to have a forced Face–Heel Turn. However, unlike similar characters in other shows, he never really seems to fight back much - in fact, he seems to sort of enjoy being evil. This would seem incongruous with his Nice Guy personality...but then you realize that being a villain would give him the ability to do pretty much whatever he wants For SCIENCE. Who wouldn't want that, even if he may not have wanted it consciously? Sure, he chooses to focus mostly on cheese, but he has a heck of a lot of fun doing it.
  • Not to mention that one time before his transformation he was using nuclear fission to make himself a grilled cheese sandwich.

Lexicon is/was the dictionary capital of the galaxy.
Hence Becky's awesome vocabulary powers.

"Squeaky" is NOT that mouse's name, and was the name given to him by the third party that sold him.
Hear me out. Prof. Boxleitner said he got him on sale, but no mention of the mouse's past is made. I think I may know what it is that drove him to the brink.

The loss of his cage-mate, through whatever means. So distraught was he, that he turned to cheese to soothe his soul. This became a full-on addiction, one that he had to fuel at all costs, even to the detriment of his original brand of scheming (plus, he couldn't develop those plans without his partner). Through sheer luck, he was bought by another scientist who had plans to read rodents' minds. The mouse saw the "HOLY COW!!! Don't press this button!" button and deduced immediately what it did, and knew he had to press that button. It was also coincidence that distracted his new owner, allowing him to press the button to fuse his mind with Steven's, which he could then take over to support his cheese habit. Let's go through the list.


White fur? Check. Red eyes? Check. Blisteringly high IQ? Check. Evil only in one sense? Check.

The mouse's true name?

The Brain.

Bampy's Bot
Depending on how long ago Bampy Botsford beat that robot, he either defeated Tobey's father (Tobey II) or Tobey's grandfather (Tobey I). If the McCallister men have a robot streak, Tobey's father could very well be in jail for his robots, explaining why we've never seen him.
  • But if Tobey's father had a robot streak like he did, Mrs. McCallister would be very mad at him when he finally gets released from jail.

This show is a liberal-leaning satire of the world
The Botsfords represent an average middle-class family and show that heroes can come from anywhere.The Butcher represents regular crime that we just eat up, as does Chuck.Dr. Two-Brains represents corruption by people that are told to want a certain cause.Mr.Big just represents big business, as does Seymour Orlando Smooth in a way.Granny May represents how companies appear innocent to get away with things. Note the similarity of her name to Fannie Mae, the stockholder that proved weak when the economy collapsed.Tobey represents how kids that are blocked from their goals will do crazy things to get them.Eileen and Victoria Best represent the other side of parenting, which is giving people everything they want.Lady Redundant Woman represents people that spread their message through others to give themselves what they want. Along with the Whammer, she represents criminals that do the same thing all the time and still get away with it.Ms.Question is based on the classic way of getting what you want, interrogating and/or torturing them.Energy Monster is based on the greedy energy industry.

The reason why Scoops' grandpa is always frowning...
Is because he doesn't like living in America. He used to be part of the Imperial Japan military during World War II, and one of the few who never got over Japan losing the war. He's so disappointed in his son moving to America that he's no longer on speaking terms with him.

Rhyme is another Lexiconian.
Her powerset is very similar to Wordgirl's - super speed, super strength, and freeze breath. She may very well be a sort of Evil Counterpart.

Becky is not an alien at all, but an artificial hybrid.
She looks too much like her “adoptive” family and has no desire to return to Lexicon. Her parents also do not remember adopting her. So, she may not actually be an alien, but is the Botsfords’ biological daughter, abducted by Lexiconians as a one-year-old, given powers, her memories altered to make her believe she was from Lexicon, and returned home with a fellow experiment, Captain Huggyface. Becky’s altered memories are meant to lure her to Lexicon for a follow-up. The Botsfords’ features mark them as mixed-race, so, Becky’s skin turning a golden brown wouldn’t be crazy for them; some dark-skinned children have skin that changes in infancy. Further evidence for Becky being an altered human and not a true Lexiconian is “A World Without Wordgirl.” If Becky was a true Lexiconian, her wish not to be Wordgirl would’ve sent her to Lexicon. But her wish strips her of her powers.


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