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Being smashed at parties is different from the shovel.
It's shown in the TV show that smashed piñatas can be repaired, and they're usually only broken in half or missing limbs or so. It's possible that Pulling Themselves Together is in play here; They can survive any injury as long as there's enough of them left. They don't, however, have the benefits of From a Single Cell. Being smashed with a shovel leaves them in pieces too small to repair, effectively killing them.
  • Despite they are shown putting themselves together outside of the garden.
    • Though when that happens they no longer are under your control. Meaning either they fled your garden not wanting anymore harm, or they were literally reborn/reincarnated. (They do fly up towards the heavens before they reassemble)

Piñatas have their own language.
The presence of Langston in the games proper indicates that piñatas can talk in the game continuity, which leaves the question of why your own residents don't talk to you. Simple: because you don't know their language. Langston apparently learned English somewhere which is why he serves as the front for Piñata Central. The only time you do see another piñata talk in the games is in the romance mazes... where you're directly controlling another piñata, and thus someone who does understand them.

This can also be applied to the cartoon as well, if you assume Translation Convention is in play and that Pester and the Ruffians know the piñata language. It would definitely explain why the few times we go off the island to an actual party, the kids don't react to the piñata talking.

  • Actually, if you look very closely at the drawing of Langston when he announces something, he has odd round grey spots. Which this troper swore they were bolts, meaning "The Game's Langston" could actually be a robot. Which justifies that rather easily.

The bowl of fruit boss, is the Player Character (Assuming the canon one is male)
After he successfully restored Pinata Island, Jardiniero gave him the deed to the entire island. Which he has absolute control over all island functions. The reason we aren't allowed to see his face, is because he's a Featureless Protagonist (aside from his voice, and brash personality)

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