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Heartwarming / Viva Piņata

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  • "My Little Fergy".
    • Francine looking after Fergy when he fakes an illness trying to get out of a party; she really is good to her son!
    • Also:
    Langston: But...! I was so close!
    Fergy: Icing on a stick!
    Langston: ...Oh, why not?
    • It ended on a happy note for Langston for once!
  • "Queen For a Day".
    • Franklin taking such care to make sure each and every Buzzlegum who lived in his garden was rewarded for making honey for him. His friendship with them (at the beginning at least) was very cavity enduing. (No pun intended!)
    • Also him teaching Beeatrice how to be "nice" to her subjects was also worth a mention. She really does well to keep them happy in the end!
  • "My Pal Langston".
    • Langston, such a stick in the mud and usually so irritable when it comes to Fergy and Paulie completely changes tact when they offer to hang out with him and be friends (even if it is all a scheme to try and get out of attending parties). How happy he is to finally have someone who accepts him really is heart-warming, if not somewhat heartbreaking as well as it's mostly faked friendship.
    • And then-
    Fergy: I can't take this anymore!
    Langston: Hey, you guys...listen...
    Fergy: No, no! You listen to me!
    Langston: Well, sure I will, pal of mine! B-but first...Ah, I just wanted to thank you guys.
    Paulie: For what?
    Langston: For...putting up with me. Oh, darn it... I know I'm not the easiest piñata to... you know...hang with. What I'm trying to say is... Thanks for being my friends. *Starts to cry.*...Going somewhere Fergs?
    Fergy: ...Just...wherever you are... *Picks him up in a hug* ...friend!
  • The ending to "I, Pretztail".
  • For a Meta example: The show and the games still have a rapidly growing fanbase to this day, it just goes to show. Despite being one of Microsoft's most underrated franchises, it's still fondly remembered and loved.


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