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The madman causing chaos in the Lunar Capital is...
  • Sumireko Renko. If she is Renko Usami, who has been to the moon before, then she might be searching for Maribel Hearn after having tragically "lost" her.
  • A Lunarian Princess. Perhaps Kaguya? In fact, is that why Eirin really wants everybody to go to the moon, to rescue her?
    • Jossed. In fact, one was trying to protect the moon.
  • A male character. Unlikely, since there have been no male bosses in any Windows-era Touhou game. Also, "madman" in Japanese is genderless.
  • Seija/Yukari/Tewi/Mima They tend to cause a bit of trouble...
  • The character you are playing as, or another playable character. Time travel?
    • Same as above.
  • Chang'e Considering that the kanji in the Japanese title is in reference to a legendary Chinese jewel, and that Chang'e exists in Touhou canon, it can't be too surprising to see her.

The stage 5 boss will be the culprit while the final boss is someone else.
One thing I noticed from the coverart of the game is that the silhouette appears to be almost a Draconic Humanoid with Lamia esque body build. I don't know if the Lunar Capital have anything draconic associated with it but I know Gensokyou does. And considering the threat posed to Gensokyou this time is quite serious it could be that perhaps an avatar of the Dragon God intervene but maybe takes things to far forcing the heroines to fight her. I'm just pulling out of my ass but hey, this is WMG after all.

The Watatsuki sisters will be the stage four bosses of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
So, LoLK is imitating IN the way TD imitated EoSD and DDC did PCB. And what's the most famous part of IN? But the way LoLK's plot is set up fighting another protagonist would be nonsense. Conveniently, the moon already has a pair of protagonist-like characters to fight.

Of course, ZUN has said that the Watatsuki sisters are too strong to be fought in the games, but a running theme in LoLK is that we're punching way above our weight class thank's to Eirin's shady clairvoyance-granting drug (and it's the first main game where all playable character are definitely, canonically working together)


Dream Sagume is completely mute because of her fear of her own powers
Despite the dream dwellers being stated to "act without restraint", Dream Sagume doesn't say a word to Sumireko in VD. This is because she can't speak at all, as a reflection of the real Sagume's desire to not feel constantly burdened by her powers.

Clownpiece has some relation to Dolls in Pseudo Paradise.

Clownpiece is not really American

Junko's name is not really her name.
It is just a pseudonym she is referred to. She has purified herself to the point that she doesn't have a Boss Subtitles so it should be reasonable that the same holds true for her name. And then there is the whole part of her being referred to as a Nameless Being in her profile.

There is some sort of connection between Junko and Star Sapphire
Take a look at Star Sapphire's non-spells in Fairy Wars. Now look at one of Junko's non-spells - namely the one where the bullets reflect off the sides of the screen. Same mechanism, slightly different execution. (Let's just say it was lucky for Junko that Cirno didn't decide to take her on like she had Star Sapphire.)

S Si B is actually in an Alternate Continuity and the Watatsuki Sisters don't exist in the game's continuity
  • So far, no games have ever even mentioned the events of S Si B, let alone the Sisters.
  • It's doubtful that even what Junko sent to the Lunar Capital could've defeated the two like that:
    • Yorihime has a goddess who can protect her from impurity (when Reimu tried to use impurity on her, she just summoned that goddess).
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    • Toyohime has a pair of fans that can essentially cause a wind strong enough to wipe out a whole forest. It's no purity magic, just a raw gust of devestating wind. Fairies die from less than that.
  • Had they existed in the games, it's likely that they, considering their rank, would've been acquainted to Sagume and told her about the events of S Si B, meaning that she would've known about Reimu and Marisa before meeting them, which she doesn't.

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