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The past Santa ended up being Retgone

Hence why the elves avoid talking about him whenever Scott asks them about the incident.

The Santa Clause 4 will see Charlie getting married and having him deal with telling his fiance that his dad is Santa Claus.

  • Naturally a "new" part of the clause will be discovered involving this sort of situation.
  • Lucy will be absent from this one explained away by being in college.

The elves in this movie are child vampires of the Twilight variety.

  • Hence the sparkles.

The names of the eight main reindeer (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, etc.) aren't names...

  • ...but titles, passed down through the generations, much like "Santa Claus" itself. Therefore, Chett won't be "Chett" forever.

Scott killed Santa for good.

  • The entire film franchise is a series of stories Charlie created to distract himself from the truth: His dad killed the spirit of childhood.

The original Santa killed himself.

  • The real Santa would know not to make so much noise. He made all that noise intentionally so Scott would go out and check, then when Scott yelled at him he pretended to be shocked and intentionally slipped.
  • There is evidence in the film that the original Santa's death/disappearance was planned in advance. An elf can be spotted in the background watching Scott at Denny's...before Santa falls off the roof. Why would the elves be keeping an eye on Scott Calvin before the incident that made him become the new Santa Claus? Because they knew in advance that Scott had been chosen to become the new Santa. The original Santa and the elves arranged the whole thing so the Original Santa could pass the mantle on. Did he die? Maybe, or maybe he just retired and disappeared, leaving the suit behind. Either way, he did probably intentionally cause a ruckus to get Scott's attention.

The Original Santa used the Escape Clause.

He went back in time because he thought he could retire, and he chose someone who had no problem taking his job.

The original Santa is the Santa Claus: The Movie Santa.

He's been doing this for centuries and thought maybe by this movie he should use the Escape Clause and retire with his wife.

The original Santa is not The True Original Santa.

That Santa would have been the original Saint Nicholas.The Santa that died/disappeared falling off the roof had replaced one that had been around earlier, who'd replaced the one before that, who'd replaced the one before... and so on and on all the way back to Saint Nick himself. Presumably each Santa lasts for decades, even centuries, until he no longer can do so, and someone new finds the card and suit, stepping into the position of being Santa.No doubt this might be something arraigned by the original Saint Nick, a perk of being a saint.

As a young elf, Bernard was a Wide-Eyed Idealist with big ambitions.

And the head elf back then was just as cranky as the Bernard we know and love, but Bernard swore he'd never end up like that when he was head elf.

Alternatively, young Bernard created the entire Santa operation for Saint Nicholas as a favor for a friend.

Over time with more expansions, the rules became more and more complicated to execute properly.

This movie series takes place in almost the same universe as Arthur Christmas, For Want of a Nail

The high tech military elves, the base underneath the north pole, and most of the elves looking rather childlike support this. The difference is that Grandsanta fell off the roof and couldn't give his kid the suit and coat when he was ready to retire, instead dying. But luckily, he had a backup plan in mind, which was the clause. If this is true, it's likely there are head elves of every nationality, in order to make new Santas feel more comfortable and at home. Since Scott is an American, he got an American head elf. But a British Santa would have gotten an British head elf instead. And, more importantly, the plot of Arthur Christmas is about missing a present, with one child losing it being the best ever performance. So that's what happened to Laura's Mystery Date and Neil's weenie whistle.


Father Time is another Legacy Character

And Scott's boss became him after scheduling a meeting that was way too long one day.

The third movie takes place in an altered timeline.

This is why Bernard is gone and Jack Frost is suddenly a problem. Jack already managed to travel back in time through one means or another, but while he didn't get the coat that time he did manage to change things up in such a way that it made things harder for Scott. The movie's his second attempt.

Buddy, the baby at the end of the third movie, gets sucked into a wormhole.

It appears in another dimension, is taken in by an orphanage, and hitches a ride with the Santa of that dimension back to the closest thing it has at home. Any alternate backstory given in that universe is purely a play on Santa's part to redeem a naughty-lister.

The Santa who fell off Scott's roof was Joe Carruthers

and because Joe died before he could find a successor, like his predecessor did.

It was the first full year for Santa that fell off the roof
No properly trained Santa would make so much noise or fall off the roof so easily
  • That would also explain why there was no Mrs. Claus to deal with.

Legendary beings' powers do work on each other, but only partially.
This is why Santa magic can make Jack Frost into Santa, but not force him to be fat or have the full recognizable beard. Everyone just tells new guys they won't work because it's hard to predict exactly what will happen, and it's a lot safer if everyone just doesn't take any risks. Frost just happened to get lucky and get a really good result that got him what he wanted without altering his look as much as normal.

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