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Tear Jerker / The Santa Clause

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  • The scene where the judge revokes Scott's visitation rights. You can faintly hear Charlie crying in the background.
    • Even Laura, who had been fretting over what she sees as Scott's negative influence on Charlie, is having second thoughts about whether they should go through with it, as Charlie's belief in Santa wasn't actually harming anyone.
    • A scene which doesn't air on TV features Neil and Laura sitting on the front stoop discussing what else they can possibly do about the situation. A Hard Cut to the scene with the judge suggests revoking Scott's visitation rights was Neil's idea in the first place.
  • Charlie's tearful confession in the sequel that he can never admit to anyone that when all his friends brag about their father's jobs he has to lie despite the fact that his dad has the best job of them all.
    • Okay, let's face it, any time Eric Lloyd cries it's a Tear Jerker; the guy has got some serious talent.
  • The scene where Neil hangs Charlie's stocking is touching, especially since they had been fighting right before Scott took off with him.
  • The scene where Scott gives Charlie the snow globe.
  • Laura and Neil's stories about when they stopped believing in Santa Claus. All Laura wanted was a "Mystery Date" game, and she sounds so heartbroken when admitting that she never got it. Neil's story is very sad when he admits that he stopped believing in Santa when he was three all because he didn't get an Oscar Meyer weenie whistle.
  • In the second movie, the scene that gets to the root of Charlie's behavior. He's so jealous that other kids always get to be with their dads and resents having to be a Secret Keeper when his dad has the coolest job ever.
    • Not helping is that Charlie ends up on the naughty list when he begins lashing out and becomes a full-blown delinquent at school. You can hear the disbelief in Scott's voice when he sees his son's name on the list and thinks it's a mistake. Unfortunately, he quickly finds out that things really have gotten that bad at home.
  • The scene in the first film where Scott is being arrested. Knowing how young they are, one can imagine how it looks to the children.
    • "Let him go! Let Santa go!"
  • The look on Scott's face in the third film when he sees what Jack Frost has done after the escape clause has taken effect. The elves look very unhappy at having to help the new Santa run his amusement park in the North Pole.

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