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The villains of the gender-bent episode...
...are two Coldfinger: The regular male and his female copycat. A picture of female Maz shows ice-covering something in the background. Coldfinger is the ice villain of the series.
  • Sort of confirmed, though she wasn't ice-themed.

If Kelly got the SheZow ring...
...She would have gotten more modern costume for her She Zow. This comes the Time Travel episode, "Family Tree", were all the female that had different SheZow outfits. My view on Kelly's costume would be the following: a pink catsuit, the Beautility Belt, and pink sneakers.

The SheZow ring is an alien artifact.
Hence why something so high-tech existed in prehistoric times.

Guy will get more superhero powers....
As he gets more attached to his rule as SheZow, including the ability to fly.
  • Confirmed

Guy would have end up wearing the ring even if Kelly put it on first.
Several episodes mention the ring chooses the wearer. Maybe if Kelly put it on first, it wouldn't have worked for her.

Both Guy and Kelly can use the ring....
...Because they are twins.

Aunt Agnes died in the line of battle.
She doesn't appear to have been very old, and it's unlikely her She-S-P would let her die in an accident. While it could have been a disease, or some other reason, it seems more likely that she died as SheZow. This does raise the question of why nobody knew SheZow was dead, as well as how the ring got back into the compartment.

Aunt Agnes died of cancer.
It's revealed in "Supernatural History" that Aunt Agnes picked Guy to be Shezow, so she did have time to choose her successor, which means she obviously knew she was dying. And she died young. It's likely that a long-term disease such as cancer was what ended up causing her death.

Agnes wanted Kelly to be SheZow, but made an oversight.
The ring can be programmed to check certain characteristics of the wearer to make sure it's passing to the right person. Agnes told it to only activate for someone born on a specific day with a genetic link to Boxter and Droosha Hamdon. She didn't think to specify a girl because she assumed the ring wouldn't work for Guy anyway.

The SheZow we see capturing Megamonkey isn't Guy.
It's his niece. The ring activated for Guy because it used whatever predictive element grants She-S-P to discern that in a few decades Megamonkey would become a truly world-class threat. (While not exactly terrifying, he's certainly a more credible conqueror than, say, Candy Rapper or Spit Bubble.) It also predicted that only Kelly would have a child capable of facing the threat, and because of the rules of succession, for her to become SheZow in the future her uncle would have to be SheZow in the present.

SheZow's ring is actually a Star Sapphire ring.
Think about it. SheZow derives his powers from the colour pink, which is very close to Violet, the She-latability form of empathy could be construed as being linked to the Violet light of Love and every SheZow prior to Guy had been female. The ridiculous set of rules set could also be a strict guideline to prevent the ring from completely overtaking the wearer as Star Sapphire rings are incredibly notorious for doing.

List of DudePow Theories
  • Gal becomes DudePow using a blue watch.
    • The above just got Jossed: Gal transforms using a ring as well.
  • Dudepow's villains aren't just genderswaps, but opposites. Aside from Coldfinger/Grilla, there's Brushfire (a dentally-conscious toothpaste shootin' cowgirl who sings country music), Terry (a friend of the former DudePow who's constantly pursued by paparazzi and jealous of DudePow's ability to keep a low profile with his secret identity) and... what's the opposite of an octopus?
    • Squid, maybe?
  • Bored of lurking so let me come up with a few. For Mockoptus: Harpy, a mixture of an eagle, a hawk and a vulture who is more confident then Mockoptus. For MegaMonkey: Queenotron, A robot from the future who come back to be avoid being put in a lunchbox by DudePow.
  • The previous DudePow before Gal was her Uncle Alex Monroe.
  • Gal's mother is a district attorney who condemns DudePow.

Coldfinger had a crush on the previous SheZow
He was president of her fan club at one point, so it seems likely. Either that, or he was another aspiring sidekick who turned bitter after being rejected by his hero...

Coldfinger isn't immune to his own powers.
He wears a HEAVY PARKA, which is odd for someone who you'd expect to be comfortable in the cold. Is he constantly
freezing and in pain? It would explain his turn to villainy (he wants everyone else to know how he feels) and why he's attracted to the heat-themed Grilla rather than shrinking from her.

Coldfinger's mother was the original Coldfinger.
However, she eventually saw the error of her ways and tries to stop her son from making the same mistakes she did.
  • Alternatively, her Coldfinger was heroic, and may have had a falling out with Agnes's SheZow before she retired. She's over it, but her son isn't.

Aunt Agnes and Boxter never got along.
Due to Agnes defending SheZow when Boxter says something negative about her.

Boxter and Tara's dislike for Shezow comes from believing she became overwhelmingly girly for fame.
While female orientated and pink, previous She Zow uniforms were not so stereotypiclly girly, and neither was Aunt Agnes' costume originally. Then Aunt Agnes discovered who was meant to get the ring, and so Agnes moved to an extremely stereotypical girly uniform. Unfortunatley Aunt Agnes could not explain why she was actually doing this to either, because Boxter would be overprotective and Tara has a tendency not to think. It was because the next Shezow's outfit would be so girly precisely because he was a guy. So by adopting a girlier uniform it boosted Shezow's popularity, and since it was in the public consciousness, Guy would accept it more easily.

The Jose character will be used on the show.
He'll be the handsome popular boy (similar to Alejandro and Alan Amazing). Like in the original pilot, he develops a crush on SheZow. Ironically, he'll hate Guy. Kelly crushes on him, but he doesn't feel the same way and just brushes her off rather rudely.

The biblical Samson (of the Book of Judges) was once She Zow
This theory comes from 3 things Shezow shares with Samson. They are both super strong. They both share a name (Guy Samson). And they both lose their powers when they get their hair messed up.

Aunt Agnes started off as a Drag Queen superhero with She Zow as her persona, but later discovered she was a trans woman.
Which is why She Zow was so over the top with feminine stereotypes to begin with, and there was no qualms with choosing Guy; the uniform and persona was meant to be for a "man." It's quite common for drag queens to discover their true gender through drag.


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