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Main Characters

Guy Hamdon/SheZow

Voice Actors: David-Myles Brown (Australia), Samuel Vincent (US)

The main protagonist and his alter-ego, the titular superheroine. Guy was weirded out by his new identity for about two minutes before deciding that the superpowers and she-matic super gadgets were well worth the price of wearing a girly costume. Being the one with the super strength, (s)he naturally does all the heavy lifting, but also has to work personal appearances into his/her schedule, as SheZow is a very public figure in Megadale.


  • Big "NO!": Gets one after he's informed by his sister Kelly that the ring he's wearing can't come off and is forced to carry the burden of being SheZow for the rest of his natural life, this also inadvertently triggers his/her sonic scream power, breaking the mirror, and discovering the entrance to his late aunt's secret lair.
  • Brought to You by the Letter "S": SheZow's has one on "her" chest.
  • Calling Your Attacks
  • The Chosen One: According to Aunt Agnes, the ring chooses its wearer and there's a reason Guy was selected. After Guy gets a chance to speak with the ghost of Aunt Agnes in "Supernatural History", she reveals that she's always intended for Guy to have the ring. In her own words, Guy is innovative and thinks like a villain, which makes him the best person for the job.
  • Crossdressing Voices/Larynx Dissonance: An In-Universe example, as Guy often speaks in a high pitched voice as SheZow.
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  • Color-Coded Characters: Dark blue as Guy, Pink/white as SheZow.
  • Disguised in Drag: No kidding.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Maz.
  • Ironic Name: His first name is Guy.
  • Kid Hero: Boy, is he ever.
  • Legacy Character: SheZow's ring, powers and identity are tied with Guy's bloodline and have been passed down from mother to daughter and aunt to niece (or nephew, in Guy's case) since prehistory.
  • Rated M for Manly: What he strives to be.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Though it's not by choice, once he has a chance to get used to it, Guy is perfectly secure in his manhood while dressed as SheZow.
  • Universal Driver's Licence: (S)he can drive a car, and pilot a submarine and a plane, despite being only 12 years old.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: As SheZow, Guy is noble and selfless; even if Guy sometimes abuses his powers for his own entertainment and occasionally personal gain.

Kelly Hamdon

Voice Actor: Diana Kaarina

Guy's older twin sister, president of the official SheZow fanclub, and the superheroine's self-proclaimed number 1 fan. Unlike Guy, Kelly jumped at the chance to actually become her idol and would have if not for his interference. She takes it in stride, though, and becomes SheZow's backup with her in-depth knowledge of everything she-lated: powers, gadgets, and enemies alike. As the more serious-minded of the siblings, Kelly constantly has to remind Guy that he has she-sponsibilities as a superhero. Heroine. Whatever.

Maz Kepler

Voice Actor: Matt Hill

Guy's best friend and the only one who has figured out his she-cret identity (OW! Okay, okay, we'll stop now.) so far (and that's just the first episode). Maz very quickly latches onto the idea of being SheZow's sidekick and shows up in a different costumed persona every episode. Few of them are ever very good in a fight but then again, Maz never really has to be rescued either. He can take care of himself. Maybe.


Voice Actor: Jacquie Brennan

The snide, smartmouth supercomputer that inhabits the She-lair and consistently monitors Megadale for threats. Initially she doesn't think much of Guy.

Supporting Characters

Boxter Hamdon

Voice Actor: Dan Hamill

Guy and Kelly's father, a beat cop who takes his job very seriously and dislikes SheZow's interference because it creates an impression that the police can't do their job. Because of this, he would love to bring her in for some offense or other and ends up rooting for the villain on occasion.

Droosha Hamdon

Voice Actor: Elizabeth Nabben

Guy and Kelly's mother, a poet and artist. Unlike Boxter, she is a huge fan of SheZow.


Pushy Pirate Posse

Voice Actors: David-Myles Brown and Lyall Brooks

A trio of pirates who call themselves the Pushy Pirate Posse (or the PPP for short), given that they're pirates and all, they plunder the most valuable booty they can find.


Voice Actor: Lyall Brooks

The former president of the official SheZow fanclub and former self-proclaimed number one fan until something terrible happened. Now he has taken over the Megadale Ice Company where he lives with his mother, who doesn't seem too bothered by the fact that her son, Timmy Isaiah Burrstein, is an ice-wielding supervillain.


Voice Actor: Jacquie Brennan

A former superheroine who would often team up with the previous SheZow to fight crime, but eventually drifted apart after SheZow became famous and she faded into oblivion. Even after years of therapy, Tara still nurses a grudge against her without realizing that Agnes is dead and cremated, and that her ashes are in a vase. Works alongside with Megamonkey as a member of SICK.

  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Averted.
  • Blessed with Suck: One of her chief powers is the ability to expel enormous, gooey wads of mucus. It's actually pretty useful in battle, but may be a big part of the reason she was never as popular as the glamorous SheZow.
  • Femme Fatalons: Tara's arsenal includes diamond hard, razor sharp fingernails that she can launch as a missile weapon.
  • Nasal Weapon: Tara several mucus-based superpowers that she projects from her nose, including the Booger Bomb and the Super Slimy Snot Shot.
  • The Resenter: She was a friend and partner of Agnes!SheZow until she became bitterly jealous of the former's popularity. She was willing to bury the hatchet until Guy, who she doesn't realize is a different person, rubbed her face in it by not recognizing her.

Baby Scarington

Voice Actor: Elizabeth Nabben

A doll representing all of Guy Hamdon's worst nightmares combined, which often plunges him between real and not real to face her.

Big Chow Slim

Voice Actor: Justin Kennedy

An obese underworld Mob boss, and Number one employer of all Ninja.

Dr. Frankenweather

Voice Actor: Lyall Brooks

Former Megadale weatherman who turned evil after getting fired for making a record-breaking 100th incorrect weather report.

  • Mad Scientist
  • Verbal Tic: Often adds the suffix "-ness" to the end of his sentences. At one point SheZow jokes back "and don't call me Eunice" in response.


Voice Actor: Lyall Brooks

An evil, super-intelligent monkey from the future that has time-traveled to the present to eliminate SheZow because, in his timeline, she has trapped him in a jar. To help him accomplish this goal, he forms the Society of Incredibly Callous Kriminals (SICK), of which he is the only regular member, until Tara joined in.

  • Brain in a Jar: Thanks to SheZow of all superheroines, not sure which one in the bloodline though.
  • Evil Brit
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: He came back to the present to destroy SheZow because the superheroine is going to trap him in a jar at some point in the future, but if Megamonkey hadn't started the enmity SheZow would have no reason to do this in the first place.
  • Maniac Monkeys


Voice Actor: Lyall Brooks

A practical-joke playing fox who fought against the previous SheZow back in 1952 (61 years prior to the events of the episode); he was imprisoned by her in a box and sucked inside a vacuum Cleaner, but was accidentally released.


Voice Actor: Lyall Brooks

A sea monster (combination of a shark, octopus, and stingray) that constantly repeats everything people say in a high-pitched, whiny (dare we say, mocking?) tone. He may look harmless and never gives SheZow much trouble, but he's still a gigantic monster with an array of sharp teeth and tentacles. That's gotta count for something. Has serious issues concerning his mother.

  • Ambiguously Gay
  • Butt-Monkey: Probably the least effective rogue in SheZow's gallery. Most explicitly in ShePhat, in which he attempts to rob a little old lady, telling her that SheZow isn't available to fight crime. She proceeds to mug him.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Appears in a report on Guy's two ways of transforming into SheZow in the first episode.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Has an octopus' body, a shark's face, a narwhal's horn, a stingray's tail, Ed Wynn's larynx, and seaweed for hair.
  • Sea Monster
  • "Evilly Done, Son" Gal: His motivation for villainy is to prove himself to his mother.

Le Pigeon

Voice Actor: Dan Hamill

A pigeon, mutated by toxic waste, fights for all rights for birds.

Count Pussenbite

Voice Actor: Lyall Brooks

Part cat, part vampire, the main villain of the video game Vampire Hunter.


Voice Actors: David-Myles Brown (Australia), Samuel Vincent (US)

An evil clone of Guy that was created when one of his fingernails fell into a vat of toxic waste. (S)he exists only to cause chaos and ruin SheZow's reputation, having a very similar appearance and many of the same powers and gadgets. Unlike Guy, SheZap has the ability to jump through shadows.

Null and Void

Voice Actors: Jacquie Brennan (Null) and Lyall Brooks (Void)

Two evil foreign exchange students.


Voice Actor: Jacquie Brennan

A version of Coldfinger from DudePow's alternate universe whose theme is the opposite of Coldfinger's, preferring fire powers and red-hot chili peppers to his ice and technological gadgets.

Other Characters

Agnes Monroe

Voice Actor: Elizabeth Nabben

The previous SheZow, as well as the former owner of the Hamdons' current house. Guy and Kelly's deceased great aunt. Was very wealthy and lived alone.

  • Posthumous Character: She died shortly before the series began (albeit offscreen, but how she died is unknown), in fact, the only thing that's left of her are her ashes, which were lampshaded by Kelly.
    Kelly: (After seeing Guy throw the vase containing her ashes) "That was Aunt Agnes!"
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie

Crash Thunder

Voice Actor: Lyall Brooks

  • Why Did It Have To Be Trolls?: He was forced to forfeit the match because of George the Troll, although to be fair it's revealed that his mother blackmailed him, granted that she was about to hurt herself.

Gal Hamdon/DudePow

Voice Actor: Cecelia Ramsdale

A female version of Guy from an alternate universe who transforms into the superhero DudePow, who is very much like SheZow, down to the superpowers, gadgets, secret lair, and rapid fire "He" puns. He even has a female alternate universe version of Maz for a sidekick. Initially, DudePow and SheZow do not get along and squabble over turf, but eventually they decide to put aside their differences and work together.

Kelli Hamdon

Voice Actor: Lyall Brooks

A male verson of Kelly from and Gal's older twin brother from an alternate universe.

Mayzie Kepler

Voice Actor: Ceclia Ramsdale

A female version of Maz from an alternate universe, whom he has a crush on.


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