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Rock Band takes place in a universe where none of the musicians that we know and love exist.
Our band doesn't just play covers, they actually wrote all of these songs in this alternate universe. So it's not that we're getting super famous just by covering songs (because that would be lame), we actually play the greatest song writers to exist, ever.
  • That counts as a WMG? Isn't that the premise?
  • What about songs where the artist addresses themselves or their band mates by name? ("Do it, Robby, do it!", or more noticeably, "Are you ready, Steve? Andy? Mick"). Or songs about the singer's personal experiences (Under the Bridge) and with references to where they came from (Who Are You). What about songs that only make sense within the scope of the time period or context of world events at the time ("Gimme Shelter")?

Your band decided to go out with style
  • Ultimately, it was never shown that the band had any plans of returning to active-touring. Maybe they decided to vanish completely (presumably after they get bored of the tropics) in order to ensure they become legends while they're ahead. Since most bands never do this, this could be seen as the best possible ending.
    • That, or they go separate ways to start again as low-profile musicians under aliases. A lot of musicians get in anf out of retirement, and since the band's believed dead by the world at large, taking on an alias is an alternative in order to keep making music unhindered.

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