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Tear Jerker / Rock Band

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  • The end of the DLC streak is already depressing, but the announcement can leave you stung up, if not outright teary-eyed, especially that blurb at the end of the last paragraph.
    Announcement: Whether you waited in line for a midnight release of Rock Band over 5 years ago, or you just joined the party with Rock Band Blitz… whether you’ve downloaded every single song we’ve ever released, or you’ve just played on disc songs until your neighbors moved away… whether you’re a metal shredder, or a bubblegum pop singer… thank you for being a part of our band.
    • And the final song to be released? Don McLean's "American Pie", a song about the 1959 deaths of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper in a plane crash, otherwise known (thanks to a famous line in this song) as "The Day the Music Died".
  • The Story of Rock Band. Seeing all the Harmonix developers thanking their audience for supporting the game over the years while listing off all the series' great milestones, capped off by them singing American Pie together in a group singalong. Finally, HMX founders Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy address the audience with this:
    Eran: From all of us at Harmonix, thanks so much for playing our games for all these years.
    Alex: Your support has really meant the world to us.
    Eran: So thanks, keep on rocking, and goodbye... for now...
    Rock and roll never dies
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  • The 2008 re-recording of Ace of Spades from Rock Band 2 (later re-released as DLC for Rock Band 4) contained the lyrics "I don't wanna live forever, that's right babe, but apparently I am" (the last part replacing the original's "and don't forget the joker"). This line became a lot more uncomfortable to listen to after Lemmy passed away in December 2015.

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