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  • The rooftop scene in Rock Band 3 (which can be re-viewed in Customize Band > View Band History > Rooftop VIPs). You get it after getting a tour bus (Regardless of how many road challenges you clear), and it's Exactly What It Says on the Tin: your band members are the VIPs at a rooftop party with booze (set to "Been Caught Stealing"). The climactic part of this scene is better watched than described; each bandmate has a part in it (perspective with you as guitarist, as band members aren't fixed to their instruments this time):
    • The singer tries doing a limbo dance only to fall flat on his back (to the disappointment of his bandmates and other onlookers).
    • Your character leaves the bathroom with a less-than-proud look on their face.
      • Though, if it's a male character, they're walking out of the Female Washroom and looking very proud.
    • The drummer performs a precarious crane kick on a table (in a way that takes no skill but looks dangerous, just like a drunk would do in real life).
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    • Your character shoves a fan (with all their clothes on) into the pool.
    • The singer whips a chair at someone at full-speed, cutting away before we see the chair fall into the city streets below (but it's clearly going to happen).
    • From a first person perspective, a very familiar scene (to anyone who's had a few too many before) in which this person starts falling down to the ground as their vision starts blurring and darkening. One imagines the possible heated debates within the animation team about exactly how the blurring and darkening was applied here.
    • You see your character waking up the morning after (they slept on the roof), and another bandmate (the bassist, if you are the guitarist) sitting with their hand on their forehead, totally immobile. The other two are passed out on the floor.
  • In keeping with the abrupt ending of the song itself, when playing "I Want You (She's So Heavy)", the visuals cut entirely to black at the end. Expect to see several perplexed stares from bandmates if they're not aware of this in advance.
  • Don't forget Still Alive, the Jonathan Coulton songs, and the SpongeBob song packs.
  • In the story mode introduction of Lego Rock Band:
    • Among the Hopeless Auditionees, one guy in line is beating out a rhythm on another guy's head while a girl in line pinches a police officer's behind.
    • During the guitar auditions, one guy gets rejected before he even plays one note, while another guy's audition goes well until his arm flies off.
    • During the vocal auditions, one guy has a snake and said snake prevents the singer from reaching the mic. Just before snake guy, one auditionee belches into the mic for his audition.
    • During the bass auditions, a guy with a tuba shows up. Of course, tuba guy gets rejected; however, unlike other Hopeless Auditionees, he falls through a trapdoor.
    • During the drum auditions, an octopus auditions, only to be shown a "No Octopuses" sign.
  • The scene in LEGO Rock Band where your bassist is abducted by aliens, and Freddie Mercury!
  • "Conventional Lover." SAVING THROW!note 
    • "They're polyhedral"
  • Either this or Moment of Awesome. Either way, Harmonix released Eric Cartman's version of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" (along with the original version and other Lady Gaga songs).
  • The PAX collection is made of this, with songs like "Opening Band" by Paul and Storm or "Origin of the Species" by MC Frontalot.
  • Also worth mentioning is that The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny is available via RBN, as well as BRODYQUEST, Amazing Horse, Do You Like My Sword and I Like Trains. More internet tunes are also rumored and/or confirmed to be coming, including Mine Turtle.
  • You know that there are some songs in the game where you can sing ANYTHING and the game'll still register it, right? Cue players doing crazy antics to "sing" those songs!
    • Conversely, most songs require that you "sing" in a certain pitch (roughly), but they never check your voice against the lyrics or anything like that, so dedicated players can use instruments instead. A particularly comical one is someone playing the trombone in RB1 bonus song I Get By, missing only one note (and the game calls it perfect anyway).
  • The Rock Band Network contains Parry Gripp's "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom." Enough said.
    • He also got the songs Girl At The Video Game Store, Last Train to Awesometown, Space Unicorn and Spaghetti Cat available. All of them just as silly as they sound.
  • You can pick up this song on RBN. Seriously.
  • Meta example: Almost all of Rock Band 3's setlist was leaked in this video. Here is HMX's response.
  • One of the "Family Friendly" songs for Lego Rock Band is Wolfmother's "Woman". The sight of Lego minifigures rocking the hell out to that song is surreal and hilarious.
    • Even funnier when you realize that This Calling by All That Remains is also labeled as family friendly and playable in the game. You know, that song that starts off with a ear shattering scream, contains only growled vocals outside of the choruses AND was featured on the soundtrack to Saw III. Truly a good old family classic!
  • The re-recording of "Volcano" by Jimmy Buffett changes the lyric "Don't want to land on no ayatollah / I got nothin a more to say" to "I want to be a couch potato / Just play Rock Band every day."
  • We know that sometimes before a guitar solo, the singer may go and stage dive. Now picture that when you're playing the music video venues.
  • Back in 2008, the week of Rock Band 2's release, when Megadeth's Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? album released as DLC, if you went into the music store that week, it would say, "Peace sells...but who's buying? You are!" Epic lulz.
  • The tour mode gives you a blurb about the city you're about to perform in. Such as:
    • Los Angeles - "Don't go shot-for-shot with a mariachi band. That guy with the giant guitar is a ringer."
    • Tokyo - "If your manager can't find what you're looking for in a vending machine, your manager isn't trying hard enough."
  • Although RB3 automatically assigns a female avatar or stand-in to sing female fronted songs, 1, 2, and 4 don't. Which could lead to a huge, bearded, leather-clad rocker guy singing BABYMETAL.
  • Weird Al finally comes to Rock Band as part of one of the pre-order bonuses for RB4. What song made it in? "My Own Eyes", his style parody of Foo Fighters. This is Dave Grohl Band, after all.
  • With the early 2015 DLC release of Avenged Sevenfold's "Shepherd of Fire", there is a unison bonus right near the very end of the song...and on guitar, it's on the second to last note. That's not even exaggerating - there is literally one note left in the song (a RB hold that goes on for four measures) after you get the unison bonus. Bass and drums have a little bit more after that hold, however, but it's still a weird place to put a unison.
  • RB4's "Rockudrama" mode is just full of them:
    • Your first show is for a single person.
    • One of the interviewers compliments how well the band plays without guitar straps.
    • The narrator goes lemony for one show, pronouncing months as "Octoberty" and "Morch" and commenting on the faith he has in the band between songs.
    • Generally, it's evident that at least one fan of the Simpsons episode "Behind the Laughter" was involved in the creation of this mode, which was appropriately a parody of rockudrama show Behind the Music.
  • In the March 2017 title update for Rock Band 4, Sterling Archer was added as a playable characternote . Also counts as a Moment of Awesome when Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" was released the same week as DLC, even the preview video has Archer singing "Danger Zone".
  • You can play Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" in Rock Band, and this.

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