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  • Playing an instrument while singing. Really difficult, but also rewarding like few things in video gaming. No wonder even the loading screens suggest trying! (Hint: get a mic stand first, although you can use the headsets on 360 and PS3.)
    • You want to /really/ crank it up? Try Pro Guitar and singing at the same time.
    • You can do songs by Timmy. TIMMY!!! And GLaDOS. Actually, add these to Funny Moment too.
      • Anyone who really gets into singing Timmy and The Lords Of The Underworld gets their own little Crowning Moment as well.
    • Lego Rock Band has the Ghostbusters theme. That is all.
      • See it here in its full glory
      • More like, Lego Rock Band has "The Final Countdown". That is all.
      • And there are aliens.
      • The Rock Power Challenges in that game take The Power of Rock to an all new level, which includes destroying a building, chasing away ghosts (While playing the Ghostbusters theme of course), and using it to defeat a octopus.
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    • At the end of the Endless Setlist 2, the game tells you to keep playing your instrument after you have beaten Painkiller. If you do, then fireworks will shoot off in accordance to your playing, making an already awesome accomplishment even moreso.
    • RB3's tracklist includes The Power of Love.
      • And Just Like Heaven. And Rainbow in the Dark. And Crazy Train. And Bohemian Rhapsody. And a whole lot more.
      • Speaking of Bohemian Rhapsody, it will have vocal harmonies and keyboard charted separately from guitar. Combine this with "Pro" Mode and you could not get a truer rendition of this awesome song in a Rhythm Game.
    • The Rock Band Network. So now anyone can put songs in the game? Difficult, but with (almost) the same potential quality as the original songs? Harmonix wins the Internet.
      • However, not only can they be pulled at any time for any reason, RBN songs cannot have Pro Guitar charts, and Pro Drums are wonky for the first few months of releases. And the X360 gets first (and frequently, only) dibs on the songs.
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  • Nailing a Big Rock Ending gives you a nice score bonus and the sound of an eagle. Only fitting that Free Bird gets one, then.
  • How exactly does Harmonix ring in 2012? By releasing the song 2112 playable in it's entirety, unlike their competitors (though said competitors had a MOA of their own in the form of an original narration from the members of Rush right on the disc). The breakdown of "2112" is also pretty awesome; you can play individual sections if you want, but instead of the original seven parts, it's broken into three, and so costs as much as three songs, not seven.
  • Crowning Moment Of Fun:
    • "Science Genius Girl" by Freezepop and "Funk #49" by James Gang are frequently cited as the most fun songs in the game to play on drums. Also, most songs drummed by Keith Moon (The Who) or Mitch Mitchell (The Jimi Hendrix Experience).
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    • For Bassists, most songs involve strumming long strings of the same note. For "Won't Get Fooled Again", however, the bulk of the song involves long strings of notes that scale up and down the whole board. It's a blast to play on Hard or Expert Bass, provided your left hand is up to the challenge.
      • In addition to its excellent drumming part, Funk #49 is also considered one of the top bass songs. "Hysteria" by Muse and "Typical" by Mutemath are often cited as two other top examples.
      • Bassists will also often quote Rush's songs, especially "YYZ" (which has a bassline that's arguably harder than the guitar part) and "Red Barchetta" (which gives the bassist a couple short solos.) And now there is their new song "Caravan" which has lots of chords and two marked solos.
    • Most guitarists will point you towards many of Stevie Ray Vaughan's songs, particularly "Lenny" and "Texas Flood". Other popular songs include the Allman Brothers Band's "Blue Sky", Freezepop's "Get Ready 2 Rokk", and the live version of Thin Lizzy's "Cowboy Song"
    • Most punk songs are loads of fun on Expert Guitar, due to being based mainly on rhythmic altstrumming. Anything by The Offspring or Flogging Molly's "Drunken Lullabies".
    • For vocals, you have pretty much anything by Queen, but especially "I Want It All," "Somebody to Love" and RB3's "Bohemian Rhapsody." Other excellent vocals songs include Iron Maiden's "Fear of the Dark," Pearl Jam's "Jeremy," (from Ten), Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" (duh) and, courtesy of RBN, Stan Bush's "The Touch." RB3 added a lot of excellent vox songs to the mix, like Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" and Dio's "Rainbow in the Dark." Basically, if you like singing, there is a LOT of good stuff in Rock Band.
  • 2009 added Spongebob Squarepants songs of all things to the DLC list. Sadly the theme song isn't there...
  • Whenever the crowd starts singing, which is a sign that you're slaying the song. Even more so in The Offspring's 'Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Seperated)' when the crowd absolutely BELTS "you gotta keep 'em seperated! HEY!"
  • Many of the sorting methods offered by the game use very good secondary and tertiary sorts. For example, a typical artist sort will first sort by artist, then by the alphabetical order of the album or song. In Rock Band, it sorts first by Artist, then by the release date of the album the song is on, and then by that song's position in the album.
  • LEGO Rock Band: Lego Iggy Pop? Good. Lego David Bowie? Cool. Lego Freddie Mercury? Awesome.
  • In Rock Band, whenever you beat a Solo Tour or get into the Hall of Fame, you and your band get your own crowning moment of awesome in a giant fireworks show. This is made all the more sweet if you just beat the likes of Green Grass and High Tides or Run to the Hills on Expert. Especially Run to the Hills — "The only way to light up a stage is with a big-ass gong!"
  • Harmonix snagging the Beatles from right under Activision's nose counts as an epic CMOA, especially considering the Beatles have yet to enter even ITUNES! Source.
    • It was all MTV, really, not Harmonix (which, though an impressive feat without a doubt, is not that awesome). That said, look at the staff listing of Harmonix on their Wiki entry. If you recognize even one name from that listing (and no doubt you will), you'll understand how significant and amazing this staff is. If there's such a thing as a Crowning Recruitment of Awesome, this is it.
    • The intro cinematic is perhaps one of the best depictions of The Beatles' history.
  • For those gamers who identify as LGBT?, its pretty awesome to see that Cold Clear Light by Johnny Blazes and the Pretty Boys is sung by the first non-binary singer in Rock Band history.
    • Its also pretty funny if you outfit your singer with the male/female split-down-the-middle suit/dress.
  • Microsoft and Sony took on the unenviable task of taking thousands of DLC items and supporting the transfer of them over to the next generation of consoles, something that had never been done at anywhere near this scale, and executed with minimal problems. Another moment of awesome for Harmonix as well, who not only orchestrated this, but took the opportunity to add vocal harmonies and fill lanes to many hundreds of existing songs that used to lack it, at no additional charge.
    • Just the fact that Harmonix has soldiered on, and still is, with DLC support for the series even long after the music game genre's death and return to the market (plus the fact that Just Dance pretty much monopolizes the genre now) is an impressive feat in and of itself.

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