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Either MegaMan.EXE or Starforce will be refered as "Cyber-elfs" at some points
Come on, it's almost obligatory
The game's Autoplay and Skip Boss buttons are like the Super Guide
And you won't be able to win the game just like that. You'll need to put the knowledge to the test in order to truly beat the game.
  • Jossed. Auto-Play is now at the start of levels and gives you all the rewards of a level without having to go through it, though it might only apply to levels you've already done before.
Capcom will make an Anime of the Game where OVER-1 will turn into other Mega Men ala Kamen Rider Decade
Nothing much to support this, just wishful thiking.
OVER is an acronym
of Omni-Variable Emulating Robot.

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