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Trivia / Rockman Xover

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  • Fan Nickname: Fans disillusioned with both the game and the franchise have taken to pronouncing the title as "Rockman's Over."
  • Franchise Killer: Barring a collection of re-releases, this would be the last game in the Mega Man series until 2018.
  • Milestone Celebration: Unfortunately, fans weren't too happy about it.
  • No Export for You: The game was never brought to the West before it was discontinued. Due to popular demand, believe it or not.
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  • Old Shame: In the 30th Anniversary stream on December 4, 2017, a timeline of the entire series celebrated each game in turn, but when 2012 was reached, Xover was passed by without as much as a screenshot of it. The fact that the game was shown over a bed of instant death spikes with the fortress boss music from Mega Man playing in the background (potentially symbolizing the game's status as the former Franchise Killer) compounds this.


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