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Rinne is effectively an orphan.
Implicitly confirmed in chapter 4, when his grandmother shows up and offers to let him come and live with her.(No guess that she's the same woman that Sakura encountered in the incident ten years ago that gaveSakura the ability to see spirits.)
  • More or less confirmed by chapter 7. He lives on his own in a club building on the school grounds. What happened to his parents, though, is still unclear (read: an obvious Chekhov's Gun).
    • Chapter 29: Daddy shows up! And by the looks of things, he's a Jerkass.

When Rinne said that he'd go to hell for buying a new school uniform, he was dead serious.
As "sort of" a Shinigami he's subject to strict rules, as to how much he can charge and what he can spend his moneyon. Since his junior high uniform still fits and is in good shape, a new uniform is a luxury, which he is prohibited from buying.
  • Not out-and-out jossed, but chapter 7 makes it look a lot less likely. Rinne has incessant money problems because he has no family support and, as only part shinigami, he needs expensive devices to help him do the job of a shinigami. Which he has to do, to repay a debt his grandmother owes (part of the cost of her marrying his grandfather).
    • Once Rinne's dad is introduced, we learn that most of Rinne's money problems are because his father is such a skinflint (among his other faults) that he steals money from Rin-ne via embezzlement and identity-theft, anything to avoid paying for something himself.

Sakura is the real Yoiko Hibiki.
That would explain why Sakura's parents aren't shown, which is really weird in a Rumiko Takahashi series.That would also explain why she looks so much like Yoiko/Ranma-Chan, justifying Only Six Faces.

Sakura's family
Alternatively, Sakura could be Ranma's and Akane's child. It has been pointed out that Sakura looks like Ranma by the fans. She has been raised around such amount of craziness that she doesn't react to it, anymore. Being raised by her parents, she has also learned to avoid this behaivor. This could explain why her parents are nowhere to be seen (except for one dialog that didn't really give out much information, anyway). Rumiko Takahashi is saving The Reveal for later in the story.
  • A couple of problems with this theory. First, we have now seen Sakura's mother, and she looks nothing like Akane. Second, Sakura's mom is able to COOK.
  • That could still be prove true if say, Sakura was adopted. With such a vague information this could be what Takashi is leading up to.
As one translator already said, it's Rumiko Takahashi-style Anti-Bleach. Taking this theory to its logical extreme, this is the only possible outcome.
  • The Shinigami powers part is unlikely, but the rest was dead on. Congrats.

It will eventually be made into an anime.
Because with the success of her past stories, it pretty much a given.
  • Confirmed with the start of the Spring 2015 anime season. We now have the Kyoukai no Rin-ne anime.

On how Sabato became such a Jerkass.
At first, he just wanted to help his mom. Due to her massive quota, he never got to see her much, as she was working very hard to pay it off. He figured that as a damashigami and illegally harvesting living souls, he could help her out. Unfortunately, down the road, he forgot what he was working for and became an asshole.

The other half of Rinne's ancestry is Youkai.

If Rinne is ever forced into controlling the Damashigami Corporation, he will proceed to embezzle.
He needs money, the damashigami are bad, and, quite frankly, it would be nice if he could get back at his father in some way.
  • This probably isn't likely, as Rinne seems to have some sense of morality and despises the way damashingami take innocent souls rather than legitimate ones ready to pass on. And even if money weren't an issue, he also wouldn't join solely because he absolutely despises his father for continually ripping him and others off. In the event he somehow had to take over, he would make them perform legitimate services as a Shinigami.

Rinne was a Doorstop Baby and Sabato has no idea who his mother is.
We know all but nothing about Rinne's mother, and given Sabato's flirty, assholeish nature, it doesn't seem inconceivable that he'd have a one-night stand with someone... and he's enough of an idiot to leave a business card lying around, I'm sure.Plus, given how Sabato likes to evade responsibility, he probably wouldn't have even looked into who Rinne's mom could possibly be - Just skip to dumping him off at his mom's house.
  • Jossed. In Season 3 we find out about Rinne's mother. Her name was Otome and it was Love at First Sight for her and Sabato, so the two got married a week later. She genuinely loved both him (despite his flaws) and Rinne so they had a fairly normal family life, but due to... wacky circumstances she accidentally got herself reincarnated while Rinne was a baby, and everyone assumed she abandoned them. She goes through several reincarnations before reuniting with Rinne and Sabaoto in her current form — an elementary school girl called Ichigo.

There is a Vengeful Spirit of Sakura running around for a long time
As the Series continues, Sakura has been getting more and more emotionless. We could chalk it out to her getting used to the events going on around her, but others who know mores about spirits are more expressive. She could have a Vengeful Spirit emerge after getting the ability of see ghost and is experiencing a long term effect of being detach from part of her Spirit. I don't recall any story-line where a detached spirit get separated from its main host for a long time.

The anime series will be dubbed by The Ocean Group
Unlikely, but there's a chance... given that most of Rumiko Takahashi's works are dubbed on the same studio.


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