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Wor was a Death Seeker
Analyzing what he had said in the end, he said that he was glad that Chirin was the one who killed him. He also said that the greatest thing a wolf can have is death in battle. Now, taking those two bits with the fact that Chirin telling the wolf flat out that he was gonna kill him and it creates this little theory: He decided to raise Chirin so that one day Chirin could kill him and this give him a good death.
  • Woe always seemed able, even if just barely, to avoid the brunt of Chirin's attacks. However it appears he purposely DID NOT avoid the charge that killed him, and even exposed his chest to make the strike fatal.
  • The film mentioned that Wor was an old wolf. We do not see Wor hunt after Chirin is an adult; for all the audience knows, Wor may have become too weak or slow from age to subjugate large, aggressive prey without Chirin's assistance. Given how Wor seems to have a bit a pride, Wor may have gained Death Seeker tendencies as time wore down his body and reduced his ability to hunt alone. Without Chirin to help Wor take down certain prey, Wor possibly preferred death over an inability to hunt all prey.

Wor actually pulled a Johan/Legato on Chirin
This could be the alternate theory, as it doesn't seem out of place compared to what those two end-game plans were. Having someone kill him and thus break them completely with that action. He raised Chirin like a son, then has Chirin raid his "former" home, then goads him into attacking himself (well, not intentionally) by doing the work for him. This takes the whole "I'm glad you killed me" thing to a creepier level, as this translates to "Good. You killed me. My plan is complete." His own death, followed by what happened afterwards, completely crushes Chirin's own spirit... again.

Wor's story resonates with Chirin's
When he was a pup he faced something similar, which could explain why he was a lone wolf. It would help his character as a father figure to Chirin.


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