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According to From the Stars, he was a member of the Anti-Unification League and involved in a plot that resulted in the destruction of the Southern Grand Cannon and, had Roy not killed the material executors, would have destroyed the other Grand Cannon too. Considering his massive ego and that before the Rain of Death he was a likeable person, there's a good chance he thinks that, had he not done that, the Rain of Death could have been stopped.

Dana's clone source.

In the original Southern Cross, Dana and Zor Prime knew each other because the aliens were using brainwashed humans as soldiers. In Robotech, the Zentradi were all clones created by the Tirolians, one of which was Dana's mother. In the novels, Dana openly tries to spot anyone among the civilian population of the Robotech Masters who bears a family resemblance. Given Tirolian cloning tech can have the clone channel the original, perhaps the original Zor and the woman cloned for Zentradi stock knew each other.


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