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There will be an actual giant robot fight in the climax.
  • Naturally, considering how central they are to the plot, but now we're also aware of how Exoskeleton almost certainly plans on causing a major disaster, it may not be more than something at the expo.
    • Exoskeleton wasn't the main mofo or at least not more than a accomplice, the main mofo was the virtual ghost of Kimijima Kou, who was possessing Misaki, Akiho's sister, tried frying most of humanity via black-matter bombs made by SERN, the villains from the prequel. But Kaito battled Misaki with the robot build by the club and actually won and also succeeded in exorcising Kou's ghost from Misaki, freeing the rocket base from his control in the process and allowing Nae to abort the launch and the destruction of a large part of mankind a second before launch!

"Tagiringer" of Kill Ballad is Misaki. Probably.

Next installment of the series will be a crossover with past titles
  • It will be their final assault against the Committee.
    • Considering how the next installment, Chaos;Child, takes place before Robotics;Notes, this possibility is jossed.
      • Unless time travel is introduced again. In which case, this is still totally plausible.
      • I still expect a game that canon welds all the games together as a finale; it doesn't necessarily mean soon.

Frau Koujiro has Asperger Syndrome

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