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Jeremy and Mark are, as the theme song says, literally in hell
You know the theme song says "I'm not sick, but I'm not well, and I'm so hot, cause I'm in Hell"? It's not being overly dramatic. Jez and Mark were horrible people during their life, have died, and are atoning for their sins in Hell, they just can't remember "life" before they died and assume things have always been this way.

This explains why all the other characters are also such massive arseholes (Superhans, Jeff, Sophie), and also why Superhans appears to have a superhuman level of resistance to drugs (taking 4 grams of coke to "calm himself down") - he literally cannot die.

Maybe Gerard only dies because he's finally suffered enough and is moving on to greener pastures?


Series 9 will end with Jeremy accidentally killing Mark.

To cope with this, he changes his name, goes on the run and takes up a new profession, lecturing about geology at Manchester University. This explains the reason behind all of Dan's gibbering insecurities - he's a murderer.

Nancy will return in Series 9
It's the way Mark mentions her near the end of Series 8 completely out of the blue. She hasn't been mentioned at all in any capacity since she last appeared in Series 4 and Jeremy has so many other exes he could have mentioned instead. It seems so random the only explanation I can think of is that it's a bit of foreshadowing.

Gerard isn't dead
He said he was playing 'the long game' but he can't have seriously thought he still had a chance of stealing Dobby from Mark...unless he had something insane up his sleeve! Gerard doesn't have much going for him besides his intelligence, and with his nerdy interests it's very plausible he'd be inspired by his comic books and video games to pull of a magnificent cunning plot like faking his own death to destroy Mark & Dobby's relationship (which seems to be working) and then when Dobby's all sad and alone, she's so happy to be with him again that she won't even question how he came back from the dead. Oh, and his sister is obviously in on it too.

Mark and Jez are demons from hell
Seriously, watch the series from the begining but with this in mind and it's so obvious. They are demons from Hell just trying to fit in here on Earth. Other such demons are Don Danbury, and The Gang.
  • Don't forget the Seinfeld crew.
  • Mark and Jez do seem to unconsciously imitate and idolize Aziraphale and Crowley, respectively - maybe they're shiftless, third-rate replacements after the real deals were Reassigned to Antarctica?

Something horrible is going to happen to Mark and Sophie's baby
Just going on the nature of the series.

Sophie's baby is Jeff's
She just said it was Mark's because he is easier to manipulate and take advantage of.

The entire show is an extended flashback by Mark
He's explaining to his psychiatrist/prison guard/executioner why he murdered fifteen close associates in cold blood.
  • Come to that: whatever happened with his being therapized back in Series 1?

Mark and Jeremy are secretly Reality Warpers, but they don't know it.
The trouble is, they always expect, secretly, to fail in their endevours, and thus reality warps to meet their expectations.

Jeremy will end up rich and famous, Mark will end up poor and dependent on him
It's been played with in the series and seems to be one of Marks many many neuroses

When the series finally ends, both Mark and Jeremy will be happy.
Fairly obvious; considering the series is their perpetual unhappiness, when it eventually ends the writers will Pet the Dog and give both of them a happy ending.

Either Mark, Jeremy or both will die in the series finale.
Peep Show has enough of a dark streak about it to make a Blackadder ending possible. Possibilities include some sort of murder-suicide pact, hostage situation, or disaster like drowning. That or one of the duo pushes the wrong rival too far one day.
  • Series 9 is set to be the last but Sam Bain has already said he won't be killing them off so as not to rule out an eventual return. As for how a potential revival could end though…who's to say?

Jeremy secretly does have a job. He's a lecturer at Manchester University.
Mark just works such long hours, he's never noticed. Jeremy doesn't want anyone knowing he's a geology geek, so pretends to live off his mum and Mark.
  • Dan is the splitting image of Jez, except that he seems at least ten years Jeremy's senior. It's much more likely that Fresh Meat is a distant finale to Peep Show, after Jez has made it to middle age.

Jeff and Sophie are Demons.
Building off of the "Mark and Jez are in hell" theory, Jeff and Sophie are actually demons. They continually torment Mark in an effort to make him see the error of his ways so he can better himself as a person. Unfortunately, Mark's arrogance and his lack of a spine prevent him from bettering himself, dooming him to remain trapped in his horrible life (sort of like in the play No Exit).

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