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  • Jez organising a stag weekend that Mark would actually enjoy.
  • From the same episode, Jez's rare moment of sincerity when he tells Mark that he loves him ("and in your own weird, unfriendly, dessicated way, you love me too.")
  • Jez standing up to his Aunt Liz during Uncle Ray's funeral by asserting that it was wrong to prevent any mention of Christianity (as Ray had found religion in the last few weeks of his life and Liz was a staunch atheist), arguing that just because she didn't believe in it didn't meant that she had a right to go against his wishes. Not only does Mark give him an approving look during his speech instead of the usual disdain, he ends up getting a round of applause for it.
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  • Mark stepping in as Jez's best man. "It's your special day, and even if I have to die of anxiety making an off-the-cuff speech we are going to keep it special!" followed by a genuine hug.
  • Jez and Mark in the limo at the end of season 4.
  • Jez's sincere welcome home party for Mark in the first season.
  • Near the end of the final episode of season 5.
    Super Hans: "He thinks you're a dickhead."
    Mark: "Just because he's a dickhead doesn't mean I'm not his friend."
  • "Minimal water damage!" That is all.
  • Mark rescuing Jeremy from the book group while he was being humiliated by Ben for claiming that Wuthering Heights is a love story. Mark does this by rhetorically ripping Ben a new one. Awesome and also about as heartwarming as the show gets.
    Jeremy (VO): Fuck you. Mark's going in to bat for me! ... And he's really good at this! Unlike any game actually involving a bat.
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  • Jeremy's Christmas stocking for Mark, which he has clearly spent a lot of time and effort on, and bought presents Mark would actually enjoy, by means of actually listening to Mark talking about what he's interested in. Slightly marred by the fact that Mark's stocking for Jeremy is a plastic bag containing firelighters and kitchen tongs.
  • Jeremy taking the bullet for the porn Mark downloaded on a potential employer's laptop, not knowing that Dobby already erased it; though it probably lost Mark the job, even Mark has to begrudgingly admit that it was probably one of the nicest thing that Jeremy ever did for him.
  • Mark having British London make a counterfeit life coaching certificate for Jeremy, in a rare gesture of genuine humility and respect towards him.
  • Super Hans, in a rare moment of selflessness, helps Mark out during the paintball episode, twisting it so that the person who didn't draw the short straw is forced to step out of the bunker rather than Mark.
  • Super Hans being reluctant to break up Jez's green card wedding to Nancy. Why? Because he "seems really happy". He does it, but retracts quickly when Jez breaks down.
    • When Jez is reduced to a blubbering wreck by the break up attempt, Super Hans gives Mark a “Let’s get out of here” gesture, but Mark shakes his head and comforts Jez instead, in a rare moment of genuine concern.