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  • In their China trip in Magic and Mystery Tour, Penn and Teller befriending a family of Chinese magicians, with an uncle of the family giving them an eye-poker tool as a gift. Teller would later show off his eye-poker in an interview footage.
  • In an interview for The View, Penn's daughter and infant son are dressed in Teller's garb.
  • Penn and Teller have sponsored a "13 Bloody Days of Christmas" blood drive in Las Vegas for many years, including free show tickets for all blood donors.
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  • The nail-gun trick is about Penn supposedly memorizing a long non-repetitive sequence of nails and empty space to perform a trick where he risks impaling his hand if he gets the sequence wrong. Later into the trick, he explains that he finds risking self-harm for a trick to be unethical, and to drive the point home that it's all an illusion, he performs the last empty shot in the neck. To more convincingly demonstrate that the trick is completely risk-free, he aims it at Teller's neck instead of his own, and says "I think that proves it."
  • In 2015, Penn and Teller added a Pull a Rabbit out of My Hat routine to their repertoire. They use a rabbit they know, one from their own ensemble. Penn introduces the rabbit by name, while Teller lets audience members pet him. If this is happening on television, Teller will bring the rabbit close to the camera so the home audience can get a good look at it, too.
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  • Burning the Flag of the United States is a very taboo action to American Audiences. Wrapping it up in the Bill of Rights to burn it certainly doesn't help in that matter. So what's the expected reaction from Americans when Penn and Teller do a trick involving just that? Manly Tears.
  • At the end of their Masterclass, Teller is near tears as he says the best part of doing this career for so long is meeting people who say things like "You brought me on stage when I was seven years old, and this is my seven year old child."

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