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Drix's "studies" weren't studies at all.
Thrax killed Frank's wife.
This might have been the writers' original idea.
  • But Thrax listed his victims at the beginning, and no one was mentioned that might have fit her description.
    • Supposedly he didn't list all of his victims, just only the ones where he's beaten his record.
      • Nope. If he was responsible for the death of Frank's wife, he would've been closer to Frank and able to jump to him and/or Shane much sooner and without the tainted egg as the movie depicts.

Thrax and the Grinch are related.
Seriously, does anyone else see the resemblance? And there's the fact that they're about the same size...
  • The Grinch is the size of a virus?
    • Well, Who-Ville took place on a snowflake.

Shortly after the end of the movie, there will be a massive outbreak of the Red Death.
Thrax is self-admittedly contagious, highly lethal, has three kills with listed times, and has easily a dozen hypothalami on his chain. It's doubtful that he never once reproduced in all those previous hosts. Worse, Red Death is an entirely unknown virus, with doctors noting that they had no idea what Frank's symptoms meant in the hospital, and the only known sample of the virus was dissolved in alcohol. Humanity is fucked.
  • I forget what he said about his previous victims, but if someone as unhygenic and unhealthy as Frank can fight it off, most everyone but the very young and the very old should be able to survive. In other words, no worse than the Swine Flu Epidemic.
  • Thrax seems too egotistical to want to share the "glory" of being such a lethal virus, even with copies of himself. Possibly he's an anthropomorphized example of the maxim that the faster a pathogen kills its host, the worse it tends to be at spreading: it simply doesn't have time to infect others.

Mayor Phlemming is a manifestation of Frank's depression
It is possible that Frank's depressed over the death of his wife and his social ostracism following the puking incident. Mayor Phlemming probably came to power in the wake of these tragedies and is directly responsible for Frank's slovenly habits and laziness, which are often symptoms of depression.

Mayor Phlemming is a brain tumor.
Hence the bad choices he gives to Frank. I could very well imagine added scenes to the movie where the mayor hides in his office and creates copies of himself to hide under his desk.

Multi-cellular organisms took a different route in this movie.
Many cells and other unicellular organisms are as intelligent as people. In this universe, every multicellular life-form is the biological equivalent of a giant mech - for the most part, the humans lack true sapience, however the cells have sapience. To the cells of a multicellular organism, harmful bacteria and viruses are the equivalent of vandals.
  • A lot worse than vandals. If the human dies, every single cell within the human also dies. So a virus or harmful bacteria, specifically the deadly ones, would be the equivalent of mass murderers.

Thrax is an engineered disease that somehow got loose.
It would certainly explain why his first, last, and only goal was the death of Frank, rather then just spreading himself around (as a normal virus or bacterium would).
  • It would also explains why he's determined to be acknowledged as the most deadliest disease that can kill a person (*fingers snap*) just like that.

Going off the above WMG, Thrax is the virus from The Stand.
Thrax's symptoms doesn't strongly resemble any real disease. However, he does have a surprising amount in common with the disease in The Stand, which is nicknamed Captain Trips. Both initially manifest as symptoms identical to the common cold, and later mutate into more serious symptoms characterized by, among other things, a very high fever. The final stage of Captain Trips resembles a combination of pneumonic plague and cancer, but since Frank doesn't show these symptoms it can be assumed that Thrax was killed before he had the chance to cause them.Since Frank's immune system was able to fight off Thrax, it stands to reason that he would be one of the survivors when the disease becomes a global plague.

At the end, Thrax isn't trying to choke Ozzy
.He's trying to decapitate him. It's possible that squeezing hard enough can force the kind of separation we see when Ozzy splits himself (which would seem to be a normal, not-usually-dangerous ability of his kind of cell, given how quickly he fuses back together), and if you look at what his neck's doing while Thrax is garrotting him, it looks like his head's about to pop off.

Frank's last word, "Maggie", is the name of his wife
  • This could mean that Frank was nearly in heaven before his Disney Death, and the first thing he probably saw was "Maggie"..

Shane used to be overweight, but got healthier when her mom died.
  • There are a few characters who consider Shane to be overweight, despite how petite her actress is. Considering how health-crazy she is, it's altogether possible that she was, at one point, but seeing her mom die from exceedingly poor eating habits shocked her into losing weight.

Frank has Toon ancestry.
  • This is why his insides are cartoons, and Drix becomes Toon-ified once inside him. Thrax may also be a Toon-specific virus.
    • That would certainly explain why Thrax specifically singles out Shane to target as his next victim, rather than any of the doctors or nurses at the emergency room.