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Nausea Fuel / Osmosis Jones

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"Swallow first, please."

Osmosis Jones is about the human body, so it naturally contains gross-out humor and sights that can disgust you.

  • At the beginning, Frank grabs his egg from a monkey and eats it after a ten second rule. It even grossed out his daughter.
  • Frank opens his mouth wide to see if he got a temp but doesn't swallow his food. To make matters worse, it was shown in both trailers.
  • Frank sneezes near pollen onto his hands and gives Danny a high-five.
  • In a deleted scene, Frank is picking his nose.
  • After Frank swallows some contaminated oysters, he throws up at Ms. Boyd.
  • Frank’s ingrown toe, which he presents barefoot in a restaurant.
  • Ozzy has to drink a gross concoction in The Zit that includes something the bartender ejects from his armpit.
  • When Frank returns to Ms. Boyd, she's grossed out by his bulging zit. As Osmosis Jones pops the zit, the fluid lands on her.

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