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AlChestBreach will have a cameo in NVBIII
Someguy seems to be a fan of Al, and judging by Al's videos, the feeling is mutual. It would be suitably awesome.
  • OP here: Haven't played it yet, but Al is voicing a character named Cunty McLean. Not what I intended as my WMG (I intended an in-universe version of himself cameo), but he does appear-
  • Noy in the main NVB, but in the companion mod Russell, which IS canon to NVB, if you convince the bartender to become a movie director, he becomes one for Albert Breach.

Esther will be a bounty in 3
And this time, the courier will have the opportunity to
No-Sell her gambit and put a nice .44-magnum round right in her skull.
  • Jossed. She isn't even mentioned.
  • She's not a bounty, but she does appear if the player first completes The Inheritance and the second series of bounties in II without killing her.

Marko is essentially a "Very Evil" karma Player Character
Marko, if he's not lying, grew up in a Vault, escaped that Vault with his brother, pulled trough training by raider figting matches, murdered Randall's family, just to be admitted in a raider gang, etc. And, by his own words, never felt anything about those he murdered. Pretty much, like a player, while going for "evil" playtrough.

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