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  • In the finale of New Vegas Bounties I, the player can pull off a number of these with the sufficient skills.
    • A high enough speech check can convince Judge Richter to fight you solo, causing him to kill his own men.
    • A Strength of 10 or an Unarmed of 90 or higher and some clever deception can let you pretend to accept the Judge's offer, only to suddenly break his neck.
    • If you don't have either, you can use an unarmed skill of 75 to break the Judge's arm, taking him out of the fight.
  • Both possible finales of New Vegas Bounties III, despite the bleak tone:
    • If you decide to take revenge the Courier rises from the grave for a second time and, despite their crippling wounds, guns down every bounty hunter in Frosthill in a brief and intense firefight before confronting Marko in the mass grave of his victims. Depending on the dialogue chosen, you can either force him to recognize your Courier as a Worthy Opponent, or dismiss him entirely before putting the legendary outlaw down for good.
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    • If you decide to retreat to the Mojave, Marko's triumph is eventually eaten away from the inside by the fact of your survival, until years after the battle of Hoover Dam he becomes desperate for closure and leaves his new life behind to finally settle the score for good. Effectively, the Courier becomes what he was for Randall.


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