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  • Spiritual Adaptation: The Frosthill segment of New Vegas Bounties III is very similar to The Great Silence in terms of general setting (the Utah during the winter) and plot: the town's inhabitants are harmless fugitives who have bounties on their head, the protagonist is a good and moral bounty hunter (Randall and the Courier could be seen as Decomposite Character of Silence), the Big Bad is a ruthless bounty hunter. The ending is similar too: the hero is shot through the hand then killed, while the bounty hunters slaughter the town. It was initially supposed to be closer to the original, since the Courier had a potential Love Interest who gets killed along Frosthill's population (the romance has been cut from the released version, as someguy2000 didn't like the result)
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  • Trolling Creator: The readme of New Vegas Bounties III states that you shouldn't bring companions. However, the FAQ someguy2000 provides says that you should totally bring as many companions as you want, including Russell, because there is "an amazing twist that brings out an exciting new stage of characterization!" If you actually do bring along companions (either through a mod that allows the player to do so or by bringing companions like Russel who can be taken to Frosthill), during The Frosthill Massacre, Marko will explain that he killed them - and even has lines for whether you brought along one follower or multiple.
  • Straw Nihilist: Marko, who firmly believes that Virtue Is Weakness and seems contemptuous of philosophy of any kind. Justified (or at least explained) by making it clear he's a product of the anarchic wastelands far east of the NCR's borders, where nations and laws have yet to reassert themselves, and subtly subverted by the simple fact that you can't believe a single damn thing that comes out of the man's mouth. All in all, he's constructed as an equal and opposing Uber Mensch facing the courier down in a battle of will.
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  • Unwinnable by Insanity: Steven Randall and Larry Scull aren't set essential. That's normally not an issuenote , but that means the player can attack and kill them. Of course, killing the Mission Control NPCs makes the mod's questline impossible to complete. It seems that someguy2000 didn't imagine a player would intentionally do this, since the quest remains active instead of being marked failed.

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