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  • This little gem when Randall asks you to hunt a Regulator.
    Randall: A little bit of history on the Regulators... Now stop rolling your eyes damn you, this has something to do with your job!
  • The appearance of Cunty Mclean, and the Courier's obvious amusement at making him repeat his name over and over again.
  • In spite of the events leading up to it, the final showdown with Marko in New Vegas Bounties III features two moments.
    • The first one happens if you choose the very last dialogue option, which results in this exchange:
    The Courier: I'm going to skull-fuck you, and I won't be gentle.
    Marko: You know how uncomfortable that would actually be? That's a vile way to close things, talking like a demented necrophiliac. I guess the world will be a little less profane without you around. That's reason enough for me.
    • The second one requires the Wild Wasteland perk. If you <Remain Silent>, Marko will insult your intelligence before declaring a stare-off. If you <Remain Silent> subsequent times Marko will simply stare at you in response. If you do this 100 times, Marko will grow bored (and comment that his eyes are drying out) and ask for you to try and settle things the old fashioned way. And that's when you use the power of INSANITY to make his head explode.
    Courier: [Wild Wasteland] RIDE THE SNAKE!!
    Marko: You don't have... What? How? No, you can't... stop... my head!
  • When the residents of Frosthill are massacred by the bounty hunters and Marko, Cocker and Cutty aren't present. The second ending slide reveals why:
    Cocker: Shortly before the massacre at Frosthill, an argument between Cocker and Cutty resulted in Cutty actually walking the fuck out the door.
  • Everything that Ford says. Period.

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