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    The Courier 

Introduced in New Vegas Bounties I

    Steven Randall 
Owner of the bounty hunting firm Randall & Associates, who employs the Courier at the beginning of New Vegas Bounties I. His quest for revenge against Marko forms the majority of the overarching story of the Bounties mods.
  • Boomerang Bigot: Randall keeps using the world "zombie" to describe ghouls even after becoming one. To be more specific, he uses this slur to describe himself.
  • Bounty Hunter: He even owns a company built around bounty hunting.
  • Coat, Hat, Mask: Wears a greenish longcoat, a scarf on his face, biker goggles, and a dark cowboy hat. When he reappears as a ghoul in III, he no longers hide his face.
  • Cool Guns: His Sweet Revenge pistol, which is a Remington 1858 New Model Army cartridge conversion, that fires .44 magnum rounds.
  • Crusading Widower: Marko's rape and murder of Randall's wife is what drove him to become a bounty hunter.
  • The Faceless: Most of Randall's face is hidden, as he always wears black goggles and a scarf covering his face from the nose to the neck, presumably to cover the scars Marko gave him.
  • Fantastic Racism: Randall doesn't like ghouls and call them "zombies". There is a dialog option allowing to call him out on how offensive it is.
  • I Call It "Vera": His unique revolver, Sweet Revenge, with which he plans to kill Marko. He bequeaths it to the Courier after his (apparent) death at the end of Bounties I, and in III, there's a special perk if the player actually kills Marko with it.
  • Karmic Transformation: He becomes a ghoul after Javier Sugar buries him alive next to a radioactive waste dump.
  • Killed Off for Real: Double Subverted. He’s shot by Javier Sugar and is buried in the sand, but he was merely left for dead and is back in III, though he is now ghoulified. He is killed by Ford during the finale of III, though.
  • Mission Control: In Bounties I and then, in Bounties III, Randall gives you your pay and the bounties you'll be hunting down while giving you hints of what to do, telling you about the history and backstory of each bounty and obsessively typing down notices on his type writer.
  • Nice Hat: He’s basically dressed like a Regulator with a covered face.
  • N-Word Privileges: He revels in this after being ghoulified.
    "Yeah, I can say that shit with impunity now. Zombie, zombie, zombie, motherfucker!"
  • Politically Incorrect Hero: He has a particular hatred for ghouls (with the exception of Doc Friday) after one brutally murdered his partner. Even after being ghoulified himself, his views don't seem to change.
  • Some of My Best Friends Are X: He uses his friendship with Doc Friday to deny Courier's accusations of him being a bigot.
  • Southern Gentleman: Originally from Louisiana. "It’s hot, humid as shit, and the mosquitoes’ll eat you alive."
  • Trauma Conga Line: An humorous one happened right after his demise. Javier Sugar buries him up to his neck, leaving the elements to finish him off. As he starts to turn into a ghoul, giant ants come to eat him... Then are driven off by a pack of wild dogs... Then the pack leader humps his head all night long... Then some raiders find him in the middle of the act and enslave him, right after laughing their asses off.
  • Walking Spoiler: He survives being shot by the Judge’s men and in III he is back as the quest giver.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Randall is squicked when you suggest him that bringing back severed heads would be more practical than bringing back fingers after killing a bounty.
    • In III he gets pissed that you choose to spare some of the bounties, asking if you found religion or something.

    Marko Booth/Virgil 
The enigmatic Big Bad of the Bounties mods, Marko is an infamous raider boss from the west, who murdered and raped Randall's pregnant wife and mutilated his face. He remains a background character, until he gets personally involved in the events of the series in NVB III.
  • Ascended Extra: Marko is a canonical Fallout character, as he and his M.O. are mentioned in a note that can be found on the corpse of a wastelander in Fallout 3.
  • Berserk Button: The easiest way to piss off Marko other than reminding him of his brother's death, is to simply insinuate he is, at the end of the day, just another bad guy.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Played With. If the Courier turn tail and leave Deep Creek Mountains permanently, Marko finds out that he manages to survive; while he didn't react much when the Couriers alive and have some degree of admiration for him when he made it out of Utah alive.Instead of going after him he decided to stay and rebuild Frosthill and the town began to thrive.
  • Big Bad: Of Bounties III and the series as a whole. While he doesen't get involved in the events until NVB III, Most of the other Big Bads in the series are former associates of his, whom he trained personally.
  • Big Brother Instinct: He seems to have a genuine, if somewhat twisted protectiveness towards his half-brother, Sergio. In III, Sergio's death at the Courier's hands is what motivates Marko to seek revenge against them.
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: In NVB III, Marko chooses to bury the Courier alive after maiming them, rather than shooting them along with Randall and the townsfolk. He lampshades this when the Courier confronts him later.
  • Dark Is Evil: When he is ultimately confronted at the end of Bounties III, Marko is dressed entirely in black. He's even known as The Man in Black.
  • The Determinator: A villainous version. He states this as the reason he has been able to defeat enemies far stronger and smarter than himself. Sheer unbreakable resolve. His slide on the ending tells you that he was bested by something he thought was impossible: an even more resolute person than him.
  • The Dreaded: His reputation has grown to such an extent that many in the Mojave think he's just a wasteland myth created to frighten people. Whole towns and rival gangs vanish when he's on the warpath and hardened criminals are reduced to Inelegant Blubbering when they hear he's angry at them.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: The Courier kills his little brother, so he slaughters your mentor in front of you, cripples you, and makes you watch as he slaughters an entire town of people, all uninvolved in your conflict, right in front of you. He even lampshades this a little later.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Played with. When masquerading as Virgil Marko seems to have no idea how the Courier could so earnestly trust his companions and friends, as he has always lead through fear, rather than mutual respect and friendship. He concedes later that he does get it but finds it less efficient than just scaring the crap out of everybody.
  • Evil Counterpart: He's basically the Lone Wanderer played as evil as possible.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Marko does legitimately care about his brother, and is seeking exquisitely cruel revenge against the Courier. Several characters also state that he is Happily Married and has genuine affection towards his wifenote .
  • Freudian Excuse: He had a horrible childhood growing up with an abusive father and a band of vicious raiders.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Marko is essentially a dark Lone Wanderer player protagonist being raised in a Vault on the East Coast and escaping with his half-brother at an early age from their abusive father. While Marko was already troubled, being captured and abused by raiders sealed his fate.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Although he's frequently mentioned, he has very little direct impact on any events in the Mojave until Bounties III.
  • I Call It "Vera": Uses a .357 Roscoe revolver nicknamed "Old Scratch" during his bossfight.
  • It's Personal: He doesen't really care about the Courier at all until he/she kills Sergio, after which he does everything in his power to make sure the Courier will die horribly.
  • Not So Different: Zig-Zagged. States this as one of the reasons for despising the courier. He attempts to compare the Courier's pursuit of bounties to his own efforts to stay alive at any cost in the American wasteland. At the same time, he mocks any sense of goodness, morality or duty as a way to cheapen the Courier's actions by comparing them to his own.
  • Retired Monster: Until he comes back in III to avenge Sergio.
  • Older Than They Look: He looks like he's in his early to mid 30s', even though he's likely somewhere in his late 50s'-early to mid 60s' at this point. Which is why Virgil doesn't seem too suspect at first.
  • The Sociopath: Averted; while he's a monstrous raider who would massacre entire settlements without remorse, he isn't incapable of empathy and he genuinely cares about his wife and brother.
  • Straw Nihilist: Marko becomes obsessed with breaking the Courier by bringing him or her down to his level, ending in his massacre of an entire town. He brags about his own power, and might-makes-right philosophy as justification for the horrible acts of violence and savagery he commits.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: During the final confrontation the Courier has several option, ranging from noble avenger to hilariously crude. Or staring him to death with Wild Wasteland.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Becomes one to Khagan in III, who is using him to secure control over Frosthill for the Syndicate.
  • We Will Meet Again: If the courier decided to leave Utah for good, even though the town is thriving nicely under his care, he decided head towards west to settle their scores.
  • Your Head Asplode: If you have the Wild Wasteland trait, you kill him that way... After an impromptu staring contest and screaming at him to "ride the snake".

    Javier Sugar 
Judge Richter's cold and humorless executionner. His murder of Randall and attempted murder of the Courier makes him the penultimate target of New Vegas Bounties I.

  • The Dragon: To Judge Richter
  • Hero Killer: He offs Randall offscreen and tries to kill you.
  • Never Heard That One Before: One of the dialogue options is to tell him that "[he] don't have to do this". He dryly notes that everybody he comes for tells him the same thing verbatim.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: He wields a unique hunting shotgun which can be looted from his corpse after defeating him. Bobby even believes his attachment with the gun went to Cargo Ship levels.
    Bobby Bass:He was all about that shotgun, he always talked about that shotgun, he slept with that shotgun, I think he fucked that shotgun.
  • Shout-Out: He's basically Javier Bardem's interpretation of Anton Chigurh without his captive bolt stunner. Sadly, he kept the shotgun.
  • The Sociopath: Bobby suspects that he is one, though he doesn't seem to have a full understanding of what a sociopath is.
    Bobby Bass:...We talked, we try to make normal conversation, you know? I try to be a normal person, talk about weather, sex, normal things. And Mr. Sugar, he sat over there with this strange look in his eye, he looked like he wanted to cut my throat... in the meeting! And I said, you know, motherfucker, what's wrong with you? I thought he was one of them sociobaths, you know? He got no feeling. You see, he got no, he don't feel things. You know like you see a pair of big titties, he don't get no hard on! Motherfucker, what's wrong with you? I see the big titties, I get exited! That's normal human behavior. He wasn't normal!
  • The Stoic: His voice never raises above "calmly threatening" even during your fight.

    Judge Richter 
A giant, pedophile bounty hunter who runs the Richter & Associates firm. His (attempted) assassination of Randall sets up the final act of Bounties I.
  • Affably Evil: He's friendly to the Courier upon meeting him/her in the bunker and will keep the same tone to the end of the conversation, regardless of what the Courier says to him.
  • Ax-Crazy: Literally - a psychopathic bounty hunter which favored weapon is an axe.
  • An Axe to Grind: He wields a unique hatchet which can be looted from his corpse after defeating him.
  • Big Bad: Of Bounties I.
  • Bounty Hunter: He’s Randall Evil Counterpart.
  • The Brute: Visibly taller than any normal human in the base game, and with strength and resilience to match.
  • Depraved Homosexual: He likes his red-haired little boys.
  • Fat Bastard: Several characters, including the Courier, call him fat, but this remains an Informed Attribute due to engine limitations.
  • Expy: He's based on the (possibly semi-historical) character Judge Holden from Blood Meridian.
  • Final Boss: Of New Vegas Bounties I.note 
  • Schmuck Bait: Before or without New Vegas Killer, accepting his offer and sealing the deal with a handshake kills you as he dipped his hand in ricin prior to your arrival.
  • We Can Rule Together: At the end of Bounties I, he's impressed by the Courier's skills and offers to let him/her join his organization.


    Azmi Khagan/Mr. K 
Mysterious head of the Syndicate.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: He has been frequently mentioned ever since NVB I and was the mastermind behind the events in The Inheritance, but he never makes an appearance. He also manipulated both Marko and Brookshire during the events of NVB III so that the Syndicate could take control of the Frosthill's silver mines.
  • The Scottish Trope: Giving out his real name is punishable by death in the Syndicate and he must thus be only refferred to as K.
  • The Unfought: He's the only major villain in the series, who never crosses paths with the courier.

Introduced in New Vegas Killer

    Bobby Bass 
One of Judge Richter's hitmen and the primary quest giver of New Vegas Killer.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: His desire to find a well-endowed woman who could make biscuits and gravy like his mother did is what drove him to travel to the Mojave.
    • In Bounties III, it's implied he may have found one.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: He turns down an offer to work for Marko for this reason.
    "I think Marko- You know, he's your employer and I don't want to disrespect him or anything, but the man strikes me as being possessed by Satan. And I do not like that kind of characteristic."
    • He also expresses disdain for some of Judge Richter's other subordinates, particularly Javier Sugar.
  • Has a Type: In case this wasn't clear, he likes large breasted women who can make biscuits.
  • Noodle Incident: His encounter with a small-breasted biscuit-making woman, who apparently tried to kill him.
  • Older Than They Look: Despite his youthful appearance, he came to the Mojave years before Mr. House and the NCR began to civilize it.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: He views contract killing as simply doing unpleasant but necessary work that nobody else wants to do.
    "But, you know, somebody's got to do it. Nobody want to be a hitman. Nobody want to say "Hey motherfucker, here's a name, you go kill them.""
  • Straight Edge Evil: At the request of his mother, he doesn't drink.
    "My mama, she told me drinking that much will make you stupid, and you won't be able to make babies. So I said okay, I don't drink."
  • Take That, Critics!: His dialogue about how he got to the Mojave from the South is a pretty clear Take That! aimed at lore-obsessed players who complained about Randall being a Southerner in the Mojave.
    "People say "That's not possible! How's a Southerner-" Motherfucker, I WALKED! I got two legs, I walked my ass here."
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Biscuits and gravy.
  • Would Hurt a Child: He encourages the Courier not to hesitate in killing off the children of his/her target because there's always the treat of one of them seeking revenge later down the line. He even tells story of an incident he had with the grown up child of one of his targets.
    "...And I know! Shit almost happened to me three years ago. Some crazy-ass, bushwacking, fucking runt kid came out of nowhere with a shotgun, peppered the shit out of me! If it hadn't been for Bishop and Taint, I'd have been fucked! They saved my ass. So, that's why you kill the younguns, all right?"


Introduced in New Vegas Bounties II

    Captain Larry Scull 
A NCR ranger who runs the Boulder City Prison and manages NCR's state controlled bounty hunting in the Mojave Wasteland.
  • Grumpy Old Man: He gets grouchy when the red tape interfers with his work, stating that back in his day, all your bounties would have been solved by way of storming the place guns blazing and hanging the culprit on-site as soon as there would be trouble.
  • Mission Control: He basically fills Randall’s role for Bounties II.
  • Old Soldier: A longtime veteran who grumbles about being "stop-loss"ed just as he was about to retire.

    Lieutenant John Ramsey 
One of Captain Scull’s staff.

Another member of Scull’s staff.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Even moreso than Ramsey.
  • Take That!: In-Universe and out.
    • Describes Legate Lanius as "some giant retard with a sword."
    • Mocks the franchise's Arc Words
      Joaquin: The other day, I heard somebody say, "War never changes." What a crock of shit. Gimme a tactical nuke and I’ll change this motherfucker real quick!

    Sergio Booth 
Marko's younger half-brother and the secondary antagonist of Bounties II.
  • Berserk Button: Being compared unfavorably to Marko, or referred to as his inferior or lackey.
    Courier: "You're that half-assed sidekick for Marko, aren't you? Is he gonna show up and save you again?"
  • Calling Card: He leaves harmonicas inscribed with his initials in the mouths of his victims.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: He is first mentioned in a holotape found in the Judge hideout at the end of Bounties I before appearing in person at the end of Bounties II.
  • The Dragon: To Marko.
  • Final Boss: Of Bounties II.
  • Honor Before Reason: He wants to settle his score with you with a grand duel in the main street of his town, Far West-style. Marko notes that this caused his downfall.

    Doc Friday 
A ghoulified Pre-War orthodontist turned gunslinger who once crossed paths with Randall.

    Charlie Halfcocked 
A gun for hire working for anybody who can afford him. An extremely competent sniper, but is more known for the battle injury that gave him his name.
  • BFG: He uses an anti-materiel rifle named "The Penetrator".
  • Combat Pragmatist: He baits you to waddle around a clear area with no obstructions in order to have several clear shots. And even after you find about his trap, he's hiding with a Stealth Boy.
  • Compensating for Something: His rifle. It's name and his backstory pretty much sell it.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Even with max Sneak and a Stealth Boy, his shots will find you since he is programmed to aim at your character, like some NPCs who always seem to find you (such as the Legion assassins or Malcolm Holmes).
  • Groin Attack: Was on the receiving end of one a long time ago where somebody shot him in the dick. He survived, but not the top of his manhood, hence his name.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Named after Carlos Hathcock, a US Marine sniper from the Vietnam War and former holder of the longest sniper kill recorded (although he used either a scoped heavy machine gun or a regular sniper rifle instead of an anti-materiel one).
  • Sniper Duel: He can't one-shot you, but since his rifle hit pretty hard and he's as far as possible from you, it becomes a game of finding and killing him before he kills you.

    Red Bear 
Marko's protege, an infamous raider and slaver from the West who has come to the Mojave to "trade".
  • Big Bad: Introduced as one for Bounties II.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: Defeating him in the Bounties II questline doesn’t finish the story but starts a series of events which eventually lead you to Sergio, Bounties II true final boss.
  • The Dreaded: Along with Marko, he is one of the most feared men in the wasteland.
  • Knife Nut: He is very, very skilled with his combat knife.
  • The Last Dance: Red Bear's motivation. He hurt his hand, so he wants one last showdown with a Worthy Opponent. You.
  • Talking the Monster to Death: Passing high level Speech/Charisma checks during his encounter convinces him to surrender to NCR justice instead of having to kill him. As due to all his crimes he'll be charged and executed if you talk him down. This is still better than just killing him, as he atones by his own choice.

    Aaron Flagg 
The leader of a cult. You encounter him during your chase of Sergio.
  • Cult: He is the leader of a religious group living secluded in a bunker and caves, which members are "cultists" wearing full hoods. He also wears a power armor with a green pentagram as a chest insigna. There are obvious hints that they worship the Old Ones from the Cthulhu Mythos.

Introduced in New Vegas Bounties III

A NCR official sent to Frosthill to clean the area of the bandits inhabiting it (i.e. most of the local population) and prepare it annexion by the NCR. He also serves as the quest-giver for a series of optional bounties.
  • Asshole Victim: He doesn't sugarcoat the fact that his bounties are political enemies of the NCR, but they are far from angels. The first one sends mail bombs to journalists, for example. Then ends up being on the receiving end when he betrays both Randall and the Courier to Marko. See Karma Houdini Warranty down below.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: He's secretly working with Marko to take over Frosthill under the control of NCR and the Syndicate and kill every outlaw on the town i.e. everyone living there.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Wickham. Both are officials working for the NCR, but whereas Wickham is a patriot who is motivated by loyalty towards his country, Brookshire is a self serving Glory Hound who is ready to have the entire population of Frosthill massacred by Marko just to advance his career.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He's very polite and friendly in his interactions with the Courier even as he's putting you to sleep to sell you to Marko.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: Initially his betrayal of Randall and the Courier seems to have no consequence for him and he is set to become a decorated hero of NCR for his actions in Frosthill, but then it turns out that he is staying in the NCR Embassy on the strip and there's nothing stopping the player from waltzing right in and shooting him at the cost of some NCR rep.
  • Villainous Breakdown: He is in absolute shock when he meets the supposedly dead Courier for the last time in the NCR Embassy and attempts to desperately make a deal with the him/her to save his own life.
  • Walking Spoiler: An NCR official who turns out to be corrupt, as well as being Marko's employer.

    Cocker and Cutty 
The Frosthill barbers. Cocker is a whiny ghoul who always finds ways to be miserable. Cutty is a Super Mutant with a sharp intellect who enjoys messing with people. They cut hairs and yell at each other.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: The two cumulated give Bad Mothafucka a ride for his money in terms of profanity. All their conversations will eventually end up in muttered variants of "fuck" thrown at eachother.
  • Does Not Like Guns: Cutty, who thinks guns are not reliable and can misfire or even blow in your face, hence why he prefers using a sledgehammer.
  • Everything Is Racist: Cocker's main reason to complain about everything is to claim he's the victim of ghoul prejudice. When Cutty points out that he isn't as miserable despite being a Super Mutant (who are as hated, if not moreso, than ghouls), Cocker takes it as proof that Cutty is racist against ghouls.
  • The Gadfly: Cutty, despite his claims that he does it to "harden" Cocker.
  • Those Two Guys
  • Vitriolic Best Buds
  • "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue: NVB III reveals that Cutty joined the NCR army just to prove to Cocker that he could become an officer. Cocker then enlisted just to prove to Cutty that he would get promoted before him. They end up at FOB Omega together.

One of the bounty hunters who have been sent to Utah along Randall. Ford is arrogant and not very skilled. He is available as a companion.
  • Attention Whore: He's bounty hunting is largely motivated by his desire to become famous and according to the ending narration, he hoped in his last moments that his actions were notable enough to be written down in Courier's legends.
  • Badass Longcoat: Wears one which is identical to Randall's and the one worn by most of the other bounty hunters in Frosthill.
  • Beginner's Luck: Played with. He's the beginner, but luck favors you as his companion perk gives you a small Luck bonus.
  • Broken Pedestal: As soon as the Courier shows a hint of mercy towards their bounties, Ford calls them every synonym for "coward" he can think of.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: In the ending where the Courier doesn't kill him, Ford makes his way to Sac-Town, where he works as a security guard. However, he retains his cruelty and arrogance, and one day a homeless person shoots him in the testicles after being pushed too far by his "incessant derision". Ford bleeds to death in the street and no-one helps him. However, this ending is bugged, and leaving Ford alive will have the same result as though he was killed.
  • Dirty Coward: He's ready to sell out Randall and Courier to Marko to seek fame, but once Courier survives his burial and comes after him, he doesn't even have the guts to put up a fight against him/her and just tries to flee the entire time.
  • Eagleland: His attitudes toward NCR lean heavily on the Boorish side of this trope. conversations with him reveal that he's a jingoist who hopes that NCR would just kill off everyone in Frosthill, without bothering to think even for a moment if everyone in Frosthill deserves to die for their past actions.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Marko forces him to kill Randall. He's obviously not happy with it.
  • Hero-Worshipper: Is one to the Courier.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: Joined Marko's plan because Randall treated him like a joke.
  • Nice Hat: An old cowboy hat.
  • Non-Player Companion: Can be hired as one during most of III. Along all the other bounty hunters, he turns against the Courier and Randall when Brookshire betrays them.
  • Plot Armor: He is flagged essential as long as he is available as a companion. After the betrayal, you encounter him hostile in the saloon along most of his colleagues, and he can be killed.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: A greener than grass bounty hunter who brags like a middle-schooler on the Internet, complete with boasts about his prowess, his skill with women, the side of his dick, etc. If you kill him in the saloon after escaping your grave, his final thought is hope that his name will be remembered as someone who encountered the Courier.

Another of III named bounty hunters, who starts as a rude guy not impressed by the Courier.
  • Badass Bandolier: Contrary to his comrades, he doesn't look like a Regulator but wears an armor based on the Merc Troublemaker Outfit (a shorter leather coat with X cross-body bandoliers).
  • Big Damn Heroes: Is the one who rescues the Courier from being buried alive.
  • Hidden Depths: Is initially introduced as a jerkass. Turns out he's a former physician and a former member of the Followers of Apocalypse. He uses his medical skills to patch up the Courier after their torture from Marko.
  • Uniformity Exception: He's the only bounty hunter of the group who doesn't rock the duster-and-ten-gallon-hat look. He's the only one still loyal to you after Marko captures you.

Bounty Targets

    NVB I bounties 

Tom Quigley

Courier's first target. Quigley was an NCR Ranger, who was supposedly discharged after he contracted syphilis, which caused him to start having neurotic fits. Now he's using his marksman skills to hunt down passing by caravans.
  • Ax-Crazy: According to Randall, he "Steadily lost his fucking mind" after contracting syphilis. He was sane enough, however, to use his money to feed his family.
  • The Casanova: He's quite a womanizer and is believed to have contracted his syphilis from having an affair outside his marriage.
  • Cold Sniper: He was one of the best snipers the Rangers had and he put those talents to full use in taking down caravans.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: A letter you find on his corpse is filled with his mad ramblings about how he caught syphilis with one of the prostitutes in Westside, but the last line of the letter is "Alhazred speaks". Alhazred is the name of the fictional author of the Necronomicon and is implied to be linked to it's Fallout equivalent, the Krivbeknih. So, did Quigley went mad because of a disease or because of the Old Ones?
  • Shout-Out: Inspired by Tom Selleck's character in Quigley Down Under.
  • What Measure Is a Mook?: NVB III significantly expands upon his character. While he was a womanizer, he used the money he made from raiding caravans to keep his family fed. After his death, the family's fortunes have turned for the worst and his wife was even forced to sell one of their children into slavery, just so she could pay her debt back.

Mortimer and Onoda

Former Enclave officers, who has been raiding caravans in North Vegas
  • Badass Gay: Mortimer is in love with Onoda, but he's also a soldier and survivor of the fall of the Enclave who evaded the NCR for decades.
  • Badass Grandpa: Old age hasn't stopped them from raiding.
  • Evil Old Folks: They're old Enclave officers who ruthlessly murders trade caravans.
  • The Remnant: They still seems to be holding onto their Enclave ideals and continuing the fight in their own way.
  • The Unfought: Mortimer died during their last attack, leaving only Onoda as bounty target.


Vicious Fiend who castrates male targets and eats their flesh.
  • Ax-Crazy: Fiends aren't known for being the sanest bunch, but she still manages to be one of the craziest among them.
  • Creepy Souvenir: She has constructed a penis necklace from the remains of her victims.
  • Does Not Like Men: She specifically loves to target male NCR soldiers and play with their bodies after capturing them.
  • Groin Attack: Her favorite hobby is cutting off the genitalia of NCR troopers. She even wields an appropriately named knife called The Emasculator.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: After she's done playing around with her victims, she eats them.
  • Shout-Out: Based on real-world serial killer Eileen Wuornos and Charlize Theron's portrayal in Monster.


New leader of the Jackals, who has begun raiding NCR caravans.

Tony Idaho

A drug dealer who is aggresively pushing into the Mojave Wasteland with his products, but has now been contracted to be taken down by a rival crime syndicate.
  • Always a Bigger Fish: While he managed to become the top chem pusher in the Mojave, his activities ultimately angered even bigger players in the Mojave (implied to be the Syndicate), who sent the Courier after him.
  • Dead Man Switch: He has an implant in his body, which causes his slave workers to die the instant his vital signs cease.
  • Shout-Out: He's a pretty obvious reference to Tony Montana from Scarface (1983). Even his unique Assault Carbine is called "Little Friend" after the famous line Montana says in the film.


Former Omerta enforcer who got into trouble after killing a made man and is now on the run from them.
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: Richter informed him that Courier was coming and offered him a job in Richter & Associates should he succeed in assassinating The Courier.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: He killed the Omerta made man after he made fun of his shoes.
  • Shout-Out: A mob enforcer named Tommy who gets himself into trouble after murdering a made man, who made fun of his shoes. Is his last name DeVito by any chance?


Gang leader, who leads a well-dressed group of thugs that terrorize and butchers the homeless in Freeside.


Child murdering ghoul living near Novac.

Dr. Vincent Mago

Cannibal living in a bunker near the Mojave Outpost, who has been praying on travellers along I-15.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: He pretends to be a hospitable stranger who helps travellers, using this to lure targets into his bunker and drug them before "dinner".


Heck Gunderson's former gunslinger and muscle, who was fired after he indiscriminately murdered an unarmed farmer and his wife. Now his a gun for hire, who has drifted into the Mojave.
  • The Dreaded: He didn't just run the muscle of Heck's operations, he was the muscle and attains a fearsome reputation for this reason.
  • The Gunslinger: He's widely considered to be one of the fastest guns in the West.
  • Psycho for Hire: His current occupation after Heck fired him.

Kurt Katil

Fiend leader, who has been harassing Westside.

Chuck Bowdrie

NCR defector, who killed two Rangers during a patrol and is now working for the Legion.
  • Turncoat: He jumped ship to avoid prosecution after NCR started getting suspicious of his activities.

Billy Bogan

Escaped NCR deathrow inmate who turned into an independent gangster currently operating in North Vegas.

Dallas Courtright

Western Regulator, who has taken over Westside as sheriff and de facto dictator.
  • Anarchy Is Chaos: He strictly believes that his governance is justified because of Westside's poor state without a proper leader, though in all likelihood this is just an excuse for him to assume power and forcing the locals to pay taxes to him.
  • But Now I Must Go: A successful Speech check will convice him that Westside does not need him anymore, finishing his bounty (since your orders are to make him leave Westside) without having to fight him.
  • Continuity Nod: To both the first and the third Fallout games. Randall explains to you that, on the East Coast, the Regulators are cowboy-style vigilantes that prey on the guilty and protect the weak. On the West Coast, they're thugs and slavers who claim to protect towns from banditry.
  • Tyrant Takes the Helm: He took over Westside with ease as there was no governing body to stop him.

    NVB II bounties 

The Mongol Kid

A former Great Khan who broke away to form his own offshoot tribe, The Mongols, so he can pillage the Mojave.
  • BFS: He carries a Bumper Sword.
  • Paper Tiger: He has a surprisingly low tolerance to pain despite being a Great Khan (whose initiation ritual consists of getting beaten up by the whole tribe). If he loses all his goons and more than 1/3 of his HP when you fight him, he'll turn himself in to stop the pain. If you capture him alive, Captain Scull pokes fun of this and says that the Khans didn't take him in because he was too much of a pussy and he'll spend the next 10 years being someone else's bitch.

Captain Arthur Ribben

A former Enclave officer and scientist who worked on the FEV. Is assumed to hide somewhere in the Mojave under a false identity.
  • Hiding In Plain Sight: The kindly old handyman who lives near Novac with a kid? There's a reason why he has a locked chest near his bed...
  • Parental Substitute: For his deaf granddaughter, who lost her father (a NCR Ranger) during the First Hoover Dam battle and was abandoned by her mother.
  • Retired Monster: He was one of the scientists that worked on the "updated" FEV variant (the one made to kill everybody except Enclave members and Vault Dwellers).
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: If you convince him to turn himself in, he'll die of a heart attack soon after reaching the jail. Scull theorizes that the thought of losing his granddaughter was too much for him. The story can end up like this for her as she will be put in an orphanage despite her deafness, but the Courier can use a Speech check to convince Scull to pull some strings so she'll be adopted by a Ranger.

Albert Quisling

A former NCR scientist who defected to the Legion with intel in exchange of a bunch of caps.
  • Named After Somebody Famous: The original Quisling.
  • The Quisling: In case his name didn't make it obvious enough, he's an NCR defector.
  • Reverse Mole: The Courier can convince him that the NCR prefers him alive since he can give them intel on the Legion. If you succeed, he'll turn himself in.
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: Averted by the Legion, even if the centurion in charge of guarding him wants to deal with him that way instead of making him cook healing powder for them. He is afraid that this is awaits him if he surrenders to the NCR, but you can convince him otherwise.

Jacob Powers

A ghoul political activist turned revolutionary and head of the Ghoul Liberation Army (GLA), who leads a group of leftist terrorists.
  • Dirty Communists: His revendications and methods are very similar to many communist and socialist armed movements, like the Red Army Faction or the FARC. To hammer it home, his propaganda posters are traced Soviet ones and he has a picture of Karl Marx in his barracks.
  • Just the First Citizen: He is referred to as "Ghoul #1" in his pamphlets and speeches.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: He's a communist ghoul terrorist.
  • You Are Number 6: His followers and him refer to each other as "Ghoul #X", with him as number 1. Including Ferals.
  • Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters: He and his followers see themselves as the protectors of ghouls against the NCR oppression and the usherers of a new age where ghouls will live happily ever after under communism. Everyone else thinks he deserves to headbutt a bullet.

Adam Rzeznik

An elusive slaver active since decades who always managed to escape justice.
  • Affably Evil: The man sells slaves in a cheerful and endearing way like he's at the farmer's market. Even if you tell him that you're here to bring him to justice, he keeps his "jovial merchant" tone as he tries to talk his way out.
  • Every Man Has His Price: His main strategy for dealing with the law is to bribe any bounty hunter who finds him. He even tells you that it worked a lot of times.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: It means "butcher" in Polish.
  • Older Than They Look: He's been active for at least 20 years, but he looks like he's in his late twenties-early thirties.
  • Talking the Monster to Death: Like many NVB II bounties, you can convince him that his luck will run out someday and that he won't be able to buy his way out.
  • The Unpronounceable: People have trouble about how to say his name (and many don't care since he's a slaver). It's "Rez-Nick".


A Fiend leader with the reputation of being as crazy as Cook-Cook. Violet's former lover.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He was Violet's lover and wants the Courier dead as revenge for killing the Fiend leaders.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: He earned his name due to his favorite method of killing people: gnawing at their intestines while they're still alive, howling like crazy during the whole process.
  • Meaningful Name: "Lobo" is Portugese for "wolf". And despite what one might think, he is not completely inspired by the Main Man (the entrail-gnawing is, though).

The Burns gang

A gang (really a very extended family) of moonshiners. While the official bounty concerns only one member of the gang, Jake Burns, who murdered a Ranger and his whole family when he started poking around them, Scull is willing to pay extra from his own pocket if you kill the matriarch of the gang.
  • Cast of Snowflakes: There's at least 20 of them, each with his own unique face and name.
  • Evil Old Folks: Grandma Burns is the head of the clan and the one calling the shots, with Grandpa Burns as her right-hand man.
  • The Family That Slays Together: The whole family (including uncles, nephews and cousins) are partners in moonshine production.
  • Hillbilly Moonshiner: Their bread and butter, although this isn't why they have a bounty on their head.
  • Incest Subtext: A note implies that Grandma Burns likes to be "tucked in" by her grandsons when her husband isn't there.
  • The Remnant: Grandpa Burns and the remaining members will ambush you a few days after you dealt with Jake.

Palo Peto

New muscle of the Scorpions gang who has styled himself after Cook-Cook.
  • Ax-Crazy: Much like his source of inspiration, Peto is highly unstable individual who enjoys raping and burning his victims.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: His name means "Fire Beast" in Finnish, but it should be written as a compound in this context. The name of his flamethrower, "Lohikäärme", is written correctly though.
  • Jack the Ripoff: He has taken much inspirations from Cook-Cook in his modulus operandi.
  • Pyro Maniac: He carries a unique flamethrower called Lohikäärme (dragon in Finnish) that he uses to kill and torture people.

John Alvord

Caravan raider who has managed to steal over 250'000 caps worth of goods from Crimson Caravan and other caravan outfits in his career.
  • Technical Pacifist: He always does his best to avoid casualties when raiding caravans, though he isn't above killing if absolutely necessary and his gang has killed three bounty hunters that came after him.


Giant supermutant who has quickly managed to become one of the most fearsome supermutants in Black Mountain.
  • Cool Pet: He keeps two Deathclaws as pets. They can also be used to kill him.
  • Fantastic Racism: He really hates humans and intends to conduct a campaign of genocide against them.
  • Giant Mook: He's absolutely enormous, especially by West Coast supermutant standards.

Dynamite Danny

Powder Ganger located in South Vegas.
  • Flat Character: He receives least characterization of any bounty in NVB II.

Pancho Cortina

Mexican outlaw, who has returned to Mojave after a four year break to raid caravans.
  • Bandito: He fits the bill of a typical bandito quite well.
  • Freudian Excuse: He's extremely cruel towards bounty hunters because his entire family was killed in a shootout with heavy-handed bounty hunters.
  • Torture Technician: He enjoys torturing bounty hunters who come after him to death.


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